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The at­mos­phere of the film fes­ti­val is a bit dif­ferent this year. There seem to be fe­wer people in at­ten­dance, even at the fa­mous fa­bu­lous fan­tas­tic Tech­ni­boat par­ties. There have been slight frowns ob­ser­ved at La Croi­sette! Hor­rors!

Some are bla­ming the fes­ti­val’s pre­sident this year, Thierry Frémaux, for the so­mew­hat dour am­biance. Cons­pi­ra­cy? In­ten­tio­nal mea­ny ac­tions? Fri­gid glares from Ni­cole Kid­man?

Bal­thus sug­gests one of his fa­vo­rite tra­di­tio­nal Púca re­me­dies to cure bo­ring par­ties: Space Cake! He gua­ran­tees it will bring the mirth back to any hum­drum si­tua­tion, and make you in­vul­ne­rable to even the most hu­mor­less people.

The key is to grate your ha­shish (which is consi­de­rate a mild ‘cat­nip to­nic’ by Pú­cas) in­to your but­ter as you melt it, and then brown it to be­come ‘beurre noi­sette,’ as French co­oks call it. This creates a ma­gi­cal in­ter­ac­tion bet­ween the fat in the but­ter and the THC in the ha­shish to make a de­lec­table and potent com­bi­na­tion. The tas­tiest space cake you will ever eat! War­ning: do not be temp­ted to eat too much at the start. Be pa­tient! It takes more than an hour for the Space ef­fect to kick in. If you eat to ex­cess you may find your­self na­ked on the beach the next mor­ning. Not that that’s ne­ces­sa­ri­ly a bad thing.

Place the ra­dish leaves, gar­lic, pine nuts, to­ma­to, Par­me­san cheese, and olive oil in a blen­der or tall cup for an im­mer­sion blen­der, with a lit­tle salt and pep­per. Blend un­til the mix­ture is smooth.

Boil the pas­ta fol­lo­wing the pa­ckage ins­truc­tions. While the pas­ta is co­oking, heat a frying pan with a lit­tle olive oil and sau­té the onions, pep­pers and zuc­chi­ni over high heat un­til they be­gin to brown and ca­ra­me­lize. Add the cho­ri­zo and to­ma­toes and co­ok, stir­ring, for three or four mi­nutes. Add the ra­dish sauce and stir over me­dium heat for two mi­nutes. Toss with the hot pas­ta and serve.

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