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Rus­sian President Vla­di­mir Pu­tin is a big­ger threat to world se­cu­ri­ty than the Is­la­mic State group, US se­na­tor John McCain has told ABC, Aus­tra­lia's na­tio­nal pu­blic broad­cas­ter. The Re­pu­bli­can al­so ad­mit­ted in an exclusive in­ter­view that President Do­nald Trump so­me­times made him "ner­vous". Du­ring a vi­sit to Can­ber­ra, Se­na­tor McCain said "I think ISIS can do ter­rible things. But it's the Rus­sians who tried to des­troy the fun­da­men­tal of de­mo­cra­cy and that is to change the out­come of an Ame­ri­can elec­tion," he said.

threat dan­ger, me­nace / broad­cas­ter chaîne de té­lé­vi­sion / ISIS acro­nyme an­glais de l’État is­la­mique en Irak et au Le­vant / fun­da­men­tal prin­cipe fon­da­men­tal / out­come ré­sul­tat, is­sue.

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