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Bri­tain’s most in­fluen­tial ar­tist of all time

In 2009, Ho­ck­ney’s pain­ting Be­ver­ly Hil­ls Hou­se­wife was sold for around $8 mil­lion, which re­mains a re­cord for his art­work. For his pho­to­gra­phy, he was awar­ded the In­fi­ni­ty Award in 1985 and the pres­ti­gious The Royal Pho­to­gra­phic So­cie­ty’s Pro­gress me­dal in 1988. In 1990, Ho­ck­ney was of­fe­red a knigh­thood but he de­cli­ned. In Ja­nua­ry 2012 he ac­cep­ted the Or­der of Me­rit. In 2011, in a poll of more than 1,000 Bri­tish ar­tists, Ho­ck­ney was vo­ted the most in­fluen­tial Bri­tish ar­tist of all time. in­fluen­tial in­fluent, mar­quant / art­work oeuvre(s) / to award dé­cer­ner / knigh­thood titre de che­va­lier (Sir) / poll son­dage.

Ho­ck­ney is a skilled pho­to­gra­pher and crea­ted ma­ny fa­mous pho­to col­lages

While wor­king on a pain­ting of a L.A. li­ving room, Ho­ck­ney took a se­ries of pho­tos for his own re­fe­rence and fixed them to­ge­ther to form an image from which he could build his pain­ting. Ho­we­ver he rea­li­zed that grou­ping was a form of art in it­self and hence he star­ted crea­ting more. These pho­to col­lages, which he re­fer­red to as ‘joi­ners’, be­came one of the rea­sons for his fame. skilled doué, ha­bile / L.A. = Los Angeles / grou­ping ici, as­sem­blage / hence par consé­quent, donc / fame cé­lé­bri­té, gloire.

He loves tech­no­lo­gy

Ho­ck­ney be­gan in­cor­po­ra­ting tech­no­lo­gy in his work since the 1980s. In 1986, he crea­ted his first ho­me­made prints on a pho­to­co­pier. In the 1990s he star­ted using fax ma­chines and la­ser prin­ters. From 2009 to date, Ho­ck­ney has pain­ted hun­dreds of por­traits, still lifes and land­scapes using the Brushes app on iP­hones and iPads and of­ten sends them to his friends. print es­tampe, gra­vure / prin­ter im­pri­mante / to date jus­qu’à pré­sent / still life na­ture morte / land­scape pay­sage.

Da­vid Ho­ck­ney is open­ly gay

He has made no at­tempts to keep his ho­mo­sexua­li­ty a se­cret. It is well known that he has had re­la­tion­ships with men. He has ex­plo­red the na­ture of gay love in his art. His 1961 pain­ting We Two

Boys To­ge­ther Clin­ging, which shares its title with a poem writ­ten by Walt Whit­man, re­fers to his love for men. to make, made, made no at­tempts to... ne pas cher­cher à... / We Two Boys To­ge­ther Clin­ging Nous deux, gar­çons en­la­cés (Feuilles d’herbe, Livre V – Trad.: A. Su­ber­chi­cot).

A new the­sis in art

Da­vid Ho­ck­ney and Charles M. Fal­co have put for­ward the Ho­ck­ney–Fal­co the­sis. It claims that ad­vances in rea­lis­tic and ac­cu­rate de­pic­tion in Wes­tern art since the Re­nais­sance was pri­ma­ri­ly the re­sult of op­ti­cal aids such as the ca­me­ra obs­cu­ra, ca­me­ra lu­ci­da, and cur­ved mir­rors ar­guing that ac­cu­ra­cy in the works is im­pos­sible to achieve by “eye­bal­ling it”. to put, put, put for­ward avan­cer, pro­po­ser / ad­vance pro­grès / ac­cu­rate pré­cis, exact / de­pic­tion re­pré­sen­ta­tion / op­ti­cal aid ins­tru­ment d’op­tique / ca­me­ra obs­cu­ra chambre noire / ca­me­ra lu­ci­da chambre claire / cur­ved in­cur­vé / to argue af­fir­mer, sou­te­nir / to eye­ball es­ti­mer à vue de nez, au ju­gé.

He is known for his ver­sa­ti­li­ty

He has made his name in por­trai­ture, still lives, land­scapes, pop art, ex­pres­sio­nist art and cu­bism. He has pro­ved his ver­sa­ti­li­ty in other areas as well. Apart from being a re­now­ned pho­to­gra­pher, he has pu­bli­shed an ex­ten­sive num­ber of books and screen­plays, wor­ked as a set and cos­tume stage de­si­gner, and has made nu­me­rous te­le­vi­sion and film ap­pea­rances. ver­sa­ti­li­ty éclec­tisme, mul­tiples fa­cettes / por­trai­ture art du por­trait / re­now­ned ré­pu­té / ex­ten­sive im­por­tant / screen­play scé­na­rio / set and stage de­si­gner scé­no­graphe.

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Self Por­trait, 1954.

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