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In this pic­ture, a pri­vate helps sort the spent shells and ma­chine gun links col­lec­ted af­ter a trai­ning exer­cise, at Fort Ben­ning, Ga., April 30, 2017. Eigh­teen wo­men made his­to­ry last month as gra­duates of the first class of gen­der-in­te­gra­ted in­fan­try sol­diers, but the Ar­my has sought to down­play the mi­les­tone. Af­ter the Oba­ma ad­mi­nis­tra­tion or­de­red the mi­li­ta­ry in 2013 to open all com­bat po­si­tions to wo­men, the Ar­my de­ve­lo­ped gen­der-neu­tral per­for­mance stan­dards to en­sure that re­cruits en­te­ring the in­fan­try were all trea­ted the same.

pri­vate simple sol­dat / to sort trier / spent (dé­jà) uti­li­sé / shell ici, douille / ma­chine gun mi­trailleuse / link ici, bande mé­tal­lique (ser­vant à ali­men­ter l’arme en mu­ni­tions) / Ga. = Geor­gia / to make, made, made his­to­ry en­trer dans l’his­toire / gra­duate di­plô­mé / to down­play mi­ni­mi­ser (l’im­por­tance de) / mi­les­tone ici, évé­ne­ment (mar­quant).

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