Da­vid Ho­ck­ney

Vocable (Anglais) - - À La Une -

Born: 9 Ju­ly 1937 in Brad­ford, West Ri­ding of York­shire, En­gland

Na­tio­na­li­ty: Bri­tish Edu­ca­tion:

Brad­ford School of Art (1953–1958) Royal Col­lege of Art (1959–1962)

Known for: Pain­ting, print­ma­king, pho­to­gra­phy, set de­si­gn Mo­ve­ment: Pop art

Awards: John Moores Pain­ting Prize (1967) Otis Col­lege of Art and De­si­gn, 1985 Com­pa­nion of Ho­nour (1997) Royal Aca­de­mi­cian Or­der of Me­rit 2012 print­ma­king es­tampe, gra­vure / set de­si­gn scé­no­gra­phie / award prix, ré­com­pense.

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