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The brand has al­ways been ow­ned by Co­ca-Co­la, but did you know the drink was ac­tual­ly crea­ted in Ger­ma­ny? Legend has it that Hit­ler wan­ted his troops to drink the fi­nest oranges from his fas­cist al­ly Ita­ly, but the truth is af­ter war broke out in 1939, it be­came in­crea­sin­gly dif­fi­cult to trans­port the sy­rups nee­ded to make Coke to the Ger­man fac­to­ries due to va­rious em­bar­goes on im­ports in­to the Na­zi Reich. Whey was used from milk fac­to­ries and scraps of va­rious fruits, main­ly apples, from the fruit pres­sing fac­to­ries were ad­ded with va­rious other in­gre­dients to make the drink they cal­led Fan­ta.

brand marque / legend has it that l’his­toire raconte que, d’après la lé­gende / al­ly al­lié / to break, broke, bro­ken out écla­ter / whey pe­tit-lait / scraps restes.

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