Grand sce­ne­ry

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Of­fi­cials in charge of a Bei­jing-Hangz­hou Grand Ca­nal he­ri­tage site re­cent­ly ins­tal­led "speed bumps," si­mi­lar to those fa­mi­liar to Ame­ri­cans dri­ving re­si­den­tial streets, but on a pe­des­trian walk­way, with row upon row of ri­sers to re­semble a wa­sh­board. A Wes­tern tra­vel wri­ter, along with edi­tors of People's Dai­ly Chi­na, sug­ges­ted that of­fi­cials were ir­ked that "di­sor­der­ly" tou­rists had been wal­king past the an­cient grounds too ra­pid­ly to ap­pre­ciate its beau­ty or context.

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