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US President Do­nald Trump ap­pea­red to make an em­bar­ras­sing geo­gra­phy gaffe when he sha­red a map sho­wing the lo­ca­tions of his first fo­rei­gn trip last month. On the map, the coun­tries which Trump was vi­si­ting were out­li­ned in white - but there was a sur­pri­sing ad­di­tion wi­thin Ita­ly's bor­ders. Cor­si­ca ap­pea­red to have been la­bel­led part of Ita­ly. In fact, the Me­di­ter­ra­nean is­land, which lies north of Sar­di­nia, hasn't been part of Ita­ly since the 18th cen­tu­ry, when it was ru­led by the Re­pu­blic of Ge­noa.

woops oups / map carte / lo­ca­tion ici, étape / fo­rei­gn trip ici, tour­née à l’étran­ger / to out­line in­di­quer / bor­der fron­tière / to la­bel pré­sen­ter comme / to rule gou­ver­ner / Ge­noa Gênes.

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