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A student has writ­ten a 10,000-word dis­ser­ta­tion on Ka­nye West. Har­ry Bain­bridge, a student at Leeds Uni­ver­si­ty, spent count­less hours conduc­ting ex­ten­sive re­search in­to West's mu­sic and ar­tis­tic iden­ti­ty for his fi­nal pa­per. Tit­led I Love Ka­nye: Iden­ti­ty In The Works Of Ka­nye West, the dis­ser­ta­tion spans 10,492 words and exa­mines the Gram­my-win­ning rap­per's "constant bat­tle" for control of his image. Char­ting the evo­lu­tion of West, 39, as an ar­tist, the es­say looks in­to his per­for­mances, ly­rics and re­la­tion­ship with re­li­gion and the ma­ni­fes­ta­tion of ca­pi­ta­lism in a di­gi­tal land­scape.

dro­pout étu­diant ayant aban­don­né ses études / ex­ten­sive ap­pro­fon­di / fi­nal pa­per mé­moire de fin d’études / to span ici, faire, comp­ter / Gram­my ré­com­pense mu­si­cale dé­cer­née chaque an­née aux É.-U. / to chart re­tra­cer / per­for­mance concert, spec­tacle / ly­rics pa­roles (chan­son) / di­gi­tal nu­mé­rique / land­scape contexte ici, éco­no­mie.

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