J.D. Vance livre un ré­cit sur l'Amé­rique qui a élu Trump

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Comment Do­nald Trump a-t-il pu être élu ? La ques­tion re­vient ré­gu­liè­re­ment à chaque nou­veau tweet ahu­ris­sant si­gné des pouces du pré­sident amé­ri­cain. Vous trou­ve­rez quelques élé­ments de ré­ponse en li­sant Hill­billy Elé­gie, un ro­man au­to­bio­gra­phique si­gné J.D. Vance et pu­blié en France par Globe. Ce livre, un best-sel­ler aux Etats-Unis, dresse un por­trait sai­sis­sant de réa­lisme d’une par­tie sou­vent igno­rée de l’Amé­rique.

Com­men­ta­tors of eve­ry stripe pla­ced “Hill­billy Ele­gy,” the new me­moir by J.D. Vance, on their lists of must-read books well be­fore the pre­si­den­tial elec­tion that pro­pel­led Do­nald Trump to the White House, lar­ge­ly on votes of people si­mi­lar to the fa­mi­ly mem­bers Vance des­cribes in his book. be­cause Vance, who was rai­sed by an ex­ten­ded fa­mi­ly that was lo­ving but al­so high­ly dys­func­tio­nal, writes about the struggles of wor­king-class whites in the in­dus­trial Mid­west in a way that avoids the mis­takes made by the left of dis­mis­sing these ci­ti­zens as “bas­kets of de­plo­rables” who “cling to guns and religion” as a way to ex­plain why they see­min­gly vote in ways that are contra­ry to their sta­ted eco­no­mic in­ter­ests.


3. Clear­ly, eas­tern Ken­tu­cky and cen­tral Ohio, the places where Vance’s fa­mi­ly mem­bers li­ved and conti­nue to live, have been be­set by eco­no­mic chal­lenges, in­clu­ding trade po­li­cies, the de­cline of the coal in­dus­try and au­to­ma­tion. As fac­to­ries shut­te­red and jobs mo­ved over­seas, Vance saw sub­stance abuse and a culture of vio­lence, ille­gi­ti­ma­cy and de­pen­den­cy over­come ma­ny of the re­si­dents in the Ohio town where his fa­mi­ly li­ved. 4. But even as Vance writes with concern, nuance, and ge­nuine love and pride about the fierce loyal­ty of hill people who mi­gra­ted from Ken­tu­cky to Ohio, he re­sists bla­ming out­side forces such as immigration and trade as the sole causes of the ad­dic­tion his mo­ther fought or for the lack of work ethic that he saw in the couple that rea­ders meet ear­ly in the book. When Vance writes about the culture of vio­lence, id­le­ness, poor pa­ren­ting and de­pen­den­cy, he uses the rhe­to­ric that his fel­low conser­va­tives mostly use when they are talk-

4. concern in­quié­tude / ge­nuine réel, sin­cère / fierce fa­rouche / hill people mon­ta­gnards / to blame te­nir pour res­pon­sable / sole seul, unique / ad­dic­tion dé­pen­dance / id­le­ness désoeu­vre­ment / poor pa­ren­ting in­suf­fi­sance pa­ren­tale / fel­low ici, autres (membres du même par­ti).

J.D. Vance.

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