"Il faut ai­mer ce que l'on fait"

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Tout va très vite pour De­clan McKen­na. Après dé­jà deux tubes, ce jeune homme de 18 ans sort en cette ren­trée son pre­mier disque et en­chaîne sur une tour­née mon­diale. Un peu ti­mide, il sort de sa ré­serve quand il s’agit d’écrire les textes de ses mor­ceaux. De là à dire qu’il fait par­tie des fers de lance de sa gé­né­ra­tion, il n’y a qu’un pas. Nous sommes al­lés à sa ren­contre.

Vo­cable: Why is your al­bum called “What do you think about the Car”? De­clan: It comes from a home vi­deo my fa­mi­ly did when I was four years old. We just got a new car and my sis­ter turns round the ca­me­ra to me and goes “Dec, what do you think about the car? Do you like it?” and I ans­wer: “I think it's real­ly good. And now, I'm going to sing my new al­bum!” Then I just star­ted sin­ging. I had for­got­ten about it but when I “re-found” that home vi­deo it felt like it should be the title of the al­bum.

2. Vo­cable: Do you re­mem­ber when you first fi­gu­red wri­ting and sin­ging could real­ly be­come a full­time job? De­clan: I star­ted fo­cu­sing on it and ta­king it se­rious­ly and wri­ting quite a bit when I was 13 or 14. I re­mem­ber lis­te­ning to a lot of bands like Djan­go Djan­go, Mys­te­ry Jets, Jack White and Vam­pire Wee­kend…When you think about it, the wri­ting is ba­sed on trying to emu­late your fa­vou­rite ar­tists. In a way, you learn about what they do and you can de­ve­lop your own style.

3. Vo­cable: Can you tell us about your wri­ting pro­cess? De­clan: So­me­times, ly­rics can just be fun to sing and that's all they need to be, but for the most part in this re­cord, it comes down to a lot of per­so­nal things, a lot of things that I've seen around the world and trying to get my head around it. You have to be sel­fish when you're song­wri­ting be­cause you need to en­joy what you’re doing. When it's ge­nui­ne­ly so­me­thing that you like; I think that trans­lates well on re­cord and live as well.

4. Vo­cable: What's your take on the si­tua­tion in the UK? Did you vote in the Ge­ne­ral Elec­tion? De­clan: It was my first time. I had to do a pos­tal vote be­cause I was in Ja­pan, and I vo­ted La­bour. There are a lot of young people star­ting to show pu­blic in­ter­est in po­li­tics. It be­comes a co­ol thing, A lot of them agree with who Je­re­my Cor­byn is as a per­son and what he stands for. People should de­fi­ni­te­ly be taught more about ha­ving their say in po­li­tics and in the way the world's run. At least in the UK, for a long time, that wasn't the case and we we­ren't real­ly taught about it well en­ough. I think Je­re­my Cor­byn's done a fan­tas­tic job of wha­te­ver it is he did, but es­pe­cial­ly in get­ting young people to ac­tual­ly real­ly ac­ti­ve­ly en­gage in vo­ting and in po­li­tics.



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