What is the Good Fri­day Agree­ment?

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The Good Fri­day Agree­ment brought peace to Nor­thern Ire­land af­ter three de­cades of vio­lence bet­ween the Ca­tho­lic and Pro­tes­tant fac­tions. More than 3,500 people died in this conflict, in­clu­ding over 1,800 ci­vi­lians. The peace deal was si­gned on April 10, 1998. It was conclu­ded bet­ween Nor­thern Ire­land’s po­li­ti­cal par­ties, as well as the Bri­tish and Irish go­vern­ments.

The Good Fri­day Agree­ment in­clu­ded com­mit­ments to the dis­ban­ding of pa­ra­mi­li­ta­ry or­ga­ni­sa­tions and the nor­ma­li­sa­tion of se­cu­ri­ty ar­ran­ge­ments. It was ap­pro­ved in re­fe­ren­dums both in the Re­pu­blic of Ire­land (Eire) and Nor­thern Ire­land (Ul­ster). It hel­ped set up the po­wer-sha­ring As­sem­bly in Nor­thern Ire­land bet­ween Sinn Fein (the na­tio­na­list par­ty) and the DUP (the De­mo­cra­tic Unio­nist Par­ty). It al­so in­clu­ded an ar­ran­ge­ment for cross-bor­der co­ope­ra­tion bet­ween the go­vern­ments of Ire­land and Nor­thern Ire­land. deal ici, ac­cord. com­mit­ment pro­messe, en­ga­ge­ment / dis­ban­ding dé­man­tè­le­ment / po­wer­sha­ring As­sem­bly ici, as­sem­blée dé­cen­tra­li­sée.

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