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On June 12, an his­to­ri­cal sum­mit took place bet­ween Ame­ri­can pre­sident Do­nald Trump and North Ko­rean lea­der Kim Jong-un, on Sen­to­sa Is­land, in Sin­ga­pore. The two men si­gned a joint sta­te­ment in which North Ko­rea com­mits to “com­plete de­nu­clea­ri­za­tion of the Ko­rean Pe­nin­su­la.” Do­nald Trump al­so agreed to North Ko­rea’s “freeze for freeze” de­mand − the U.S. will halt joint mi­li­ta­ry exer­cises with South Ko­rea in ex­change for Pyon­gyang’s free­zing mis­sile and nu­clear tests. Ma­ny po­li­ti­cal ex­perts said that the sum­mit was not a big suc­cess for Trump, who made conces­sions but got no spe­ci­fic com­mit­ments in re­turn. At the same time, they ack­now­led­ged that war was fi­nal­ly off the table. Af­ter the mee­ting, Trump ve­he­ment­ly sang Kim Jong-un’s praises in the me­dia: “He’s got a great per­so­na­li­ty. He’s a fun­ny guy, a tough guy, he’s ve­ry smart, he’s a great ne­go­tia­tor. He loves his people.”

joint conjoint, com­mun / sta­te­ment dé­cla­ra­tion / to com­mit to sth s’en­ga­ger sur qqch / freeze gel (ici, au sens fi­gu­ré) / de­mand exi­gence / to halt mettre un terme à / in re­turn en contre­par­tie / to ack­now­ledge re­con­naître (of­fi­ciel­le­ment) / to be off the table ici, ne plus être d’ac­tua­li­té / praise éloge(s) / guy gars, type / tough dur, co­riace / smart in­tel­li­gent.

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