Dis­trac­ted wal­king

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A huge shop­ping mall lo­ca­ted in the Chi­nese ci­ty of Xi’an has im­ple­men­ted a new stra­te­gy to pro­tect pe­des­trians who are glued to their cell­phones: pe­des­trian lanes spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for cell­phone users. The lane is pain­ted with mes­sages ur­ging pe­des­trians to look up. “Dis­trac­ted wal­king,” as the WHO calls it, has lead to thou­sands of pe­des­trian deaths in Chi­na.

dis­trac­ted dis­trait / shop­ping mall centre com­mer­cial / to be lo­ca­ted être si­tué / to im­ple­ment mettre en place / pe­des­trian pié­ton / WHO = World Health Or­ga­ni­sa­tion / to be glued to être scot­ché à / cell­phone (US) = mo­bile phone (GB) / pe­des­trian lane voie pié­tonne / to urge ex­hor­ter / to look up le­ver les yeux.

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