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In this pho­to­graph, a U.S. Air Force plane is drop­ping fire re­tar­dant on a bur­ning hil­l­side in the Ranch Fire in Clear­lake Oaks, California. This sum­mer, California ex­pe­rien­ced a re­cord-brea­king fire sea­son: from the be­gin­ning of the year un­til mid-Au­gust, 820,000 acres across the state bur­ned — more than twice the area that was bur­ned by this point last year. In nor­thern California, the Men­do­ci­no Com­plex Fire, which en­com­pas­sed the Ranch Fire and the Ri­ver Fire, grew to more than 300,000 acres, and it took se­ve­ral weeks for fi­re­figh­ters to contain it. It has be­come the lar­gest fire ever re­cor­ded in California. More fires threa­te­ned California’s ru­ral areas at that time, in­clu­ding the Carr Fire, which bur­ned more than a thou­sand homes and cau­sed at least eight deaths, and the Fer­gu­son Fire. Ac­cor­ding to spe­cia­lists, wild­fires have be­come ve­ry in­tense in California these past few years be­cause, among other fac­tors, cli­mate change has leng­the­ned the fire sea­son and hou­sing has spread to fire-prone wild­land areas.

fire re­tar­dant re­tar­da­teur de flammes, pro­duit ig­ni­fuge / hil­l­side (ver­sant d’une) col­line / acre ar­pent (0,4 hec­tare) / by this point ici, à la même pé­riode / to en­com­pass en­glo­ber, com­prendre / fi­re­figh­ter pom­pier / to re­cord en­re­gis­trer, ob­ser­ver / to threa­ten me­na­cer / at that time à ce mo­ment-là / wild­fire in­cen­die (dé­vas­ta­teur), feu de fo­rêt / to leng­then al­lon­ger / hou­sing lo­ge­ment(s) ; ici, im­mo­bi­lier / fire-prone ex­po­sé au risque d’in­cen­die / wild­land area zone na­tu­relle, non culti­vée.

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