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The un­dis­pu­ted star of news­pa­per head­lines this sum­mer had to be Bo­ris John­son. Af­ter unex­pec­ted­ly re­si­gning from his post as fo­rei­gn se­cre­ta­ry last Ju­ly be­cause he “couldn’t sup­port” The­re­sa May’s soft Brexit plan, he cau­sed pu­blic out­cry with his in­flam­ma­to­ry re­marks in Au­gust. In a co­lumn for The Dai­ly Te­le­graph, he com­pa­red Mus­lim wo­men wea­ring bur­qas to “let­ter­boxes” and “bank rob­bers,” spar­king a new po­li­ti­cal cri­sis. Nu­me­rous MPs, in­clu­ding in his own par­ty, have condem­ned the for­mer fo­rei­gn se­cre­ta­ry. He was as­ked to apo­lo­gise by The­re­sa May and by the To­ry chair­man but has re­fu­sed to do so. An in­de­pendent pa­nel is now in­ves­ti­ga­ting him for brea­ching the To­ry code of conduct.

un­dis­pu­ted in­con­tes­té / head­line gros titre / unex­pec­ted­ly de ma­nière in­at­ten­due / to re­si­gn dé­mis­sion­ner / fo­rei­gn se­cre­ta­ry mi­nistre des Af­faires étran­gères / soft Brexit re­trait de l’UE avec main­tien de la libre cir­cu­la­tion des mar­chan­dises / out­cry tol­lé / in­flam­ma­to­ry in­cen­diaire / co­lumn ar­ticle, chro­nique / to spark dé­clen­cher / MP membre du par­le­ment, dé­pu­té / To­ry (du par­ti) conser­va­teur / pa­nel com­mis­sion, co­mi­té / to breach en­freindre.

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