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De­wayne John­son has won his bat­tle against che­mi­cal giant Mon­san­to. This for­mer school ground­skee­per, whose job in­vol­ved spraying large quan­ti­ties of Mon­san­to’s Roun­dup on a re­gu­lar ba­sis, de­ve­lo­ped a fa­tal form of non-Hodg­kin’s lym­pho­ma, and sub­se­quent­ly sued the com­pa­ny for his can­cer. The com­pa­ny was or­de­red to pay $289m in da­mages to him. This his­to­ric ver­dict found that Mon­san­to’s gly­pho­sate-ba­sed pro­ducts present a sub­stan­tial dan­ger to people using them and that consu­mers should be war­ned of these risks.

ground­skee­per gar­dien et jar­di­nier / to spray pul­vé­ri­ser / sub­se­quent­ly par la suite / to sue pour­suivre en jus­tice / da­mages dom­mages et in­té­rêts / to warn aver­tir, mettre en garde.

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