Ra­shi­da Tlaib

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Ra­shi­da Tlaib is set to be­come the US’s first ever Mus­lim wo­man elec­ted to Con­gress. Af­ter win­ning a crow­ded De­mo­cra­tic pri­ma­ry elec­tion to re­present Mi­chi­gan’s 13th dis­trict last Au­gust, she will en­ter Con­gress unop­po­sed fol­lo­wing the mid-term elec­tions, as there are no Re­pu­bli­can can­di­dates contes­ting the seat. Ra­shi­da Tlaib was born in De­troit in 1976 of Pa­les­ti­nian im­mi­grant pa­rents, and had pre­vious­ly held a seat in the Mi­chi­gan House of Re­pre­sen­ta­tives.

to be set to être en passe de / first ever tout pre­mier / crow­ded ici, qui comp­tait de nom­breux can­di­dats / pri­ma­ry elec­tion élec­tion pri­maire (élec­tion de sé­lec­tion au sein d’un par­ti) / dis­trict cir­cons­crip­tion / unop­po­sed ici, sans au­cun ad­ver­saire / mid-term elec­tions élec­tions lé­gis­la­tives qui ont lieu au mi­lieu du man­dat pré­si­den­tiel.

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