When you wax nos­tal­gic, there’s al­ways a fee­ling of com­fort.

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tell the sto­ry of the cor­po­ra­tion, au­to­mo­biles, the brand. We pre­serve those for the fu­ture with an eye to­ward ac­ti­va­ting the ma­te­rials in a mea­ning­ful way that helps the bu­si­ness.” His past work in­clu­ded how to li­cense, pro­mote and mar­ket the fa­mous Coke bot­tle that tur­ned 100 in 2015.


6. “When you wax nos­tal­gic, there’s al­ways a fee­ling of com­fort. This gives Ford a lot of cre­di­bi­li­ty. It shows they’re the ori­gi­nal innovators, and that’s co­ol,” said ad­ver­ti­sing

an eye to­ward l'in­ten­tion de / mea­ning­ful digne d'in­té­rêt / way fa­çon / to li­cense ici, ob­te­nir l'au­to­ri­sa­tion de (com­mer­cia­li­ser) / to mar­ket com­mer­cia­li­ser / to turn fê­ter ses... ans. 6. to wax ici, de­ve­nir / com­fort ré­con­fort, sa­tis­fac­tion, bien-être / ad­ver­ti­sing (de la) pu­bli­ci­té, pu­bli­ci­taire / exe­cu­tive Ro­bert Da­vid­man, a part­ner at The Fear­less Agen­cy in New York.

7. At Co­ca-Co­la, for example, Ryan wor­ked on the cen­ten­nial cam­pai­gn for more than two years. A high­light was an ex­hi­bit de­ve­lo­ped for the High Mu­seum in At­lan­ta fea­tu­ring the his­to­ry of the bot­tle and how it was used in art­work by An­dy Wa­rhol and others.


8. Mark Tru­by, vice pre­sident of com­mu­ni­ca­tions at Ford, led an in­ter­na­tio­nal search that re­sul­ted in Ryan’s hi­ring. “En­su­ring we pre­serve Ford’s his­to­ry and le­ve­rage it pro­per­ly has al­ways been im­por­tant,” Tru­by said. “Our unique pro­ve­nance and he­ri­tage, 115 years of ideas, in­no­va­tion and pro­gress is an ad­van­tage for Ford.” gos­pel about its convic­tion and evoke a sense of trust be­cause of its te­nure. This re­quires wal­king the fine line bet­ween ‘old’ and ‘ex­pe­rien­ced.’” Pep­si is cur­rent­ly run­ning a le­ga­cy ar­chi­val cam­pai­gn to say it is now, and al­ways has been, the choice of ge­ne­ra­tions, Col­lin said.


10. “I ima­gine [Ford] will use the le­ga­cy ap­proach as a pi­vot to si­gnal a widening of their bu­si­ness,” Col­lins said. “That is, they’re not in the car bu­si­ness, they’re in the mo­bi­li­ty bu­si­ness.” Few people in the U.S. or world­wide know the sto­ry of Ford as it re­lates to the growth of a na­tion, as­sis­ting with World War II and un­pre­ce­den­ted wage sup­port for wor­king fa­mi­lies, ana­lysts said.


The Ford Mo­tor Com­pa­ny As­sem­bly Line, cir­ca 1920.



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