Road sa­fe­ty

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Last month, high school and uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents in Dha­ka, Ban­gla­desh’s ca­pi­tal, pro­tes­ted for days for bet­ter road sa­fe­ty condi­tions. The student mo­ve­ment, which las­ted for two weeks and tur­ned in­to a mo­ve­ment against the go­vern­ment’s al­le­ged poor go­ver­nance and cor­rup­tion, was spar­ked by the death of two tee­na­gers, killed by a ra­cing bus at the end of Ju­ly. Af­ter a few days, the po­lice star­ted using force against pro­tes­ters and jour­na­lists. Over 7,000 people died in traffic ac­ci­dents in Ban­gla­desh last year.

to last du­rer / al­le­ged pré­ten­du, pré­su­mé / to spark dé­clen­cher / ra­cing ici, qui rou­lait trop vite / traffic (de) cir­cu­la­tion.

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