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to ride, rode, rid­den a wave (fig.) sur­fer sur une vague / mid­term elec­tions élec­tions de mi-man­dat / blue cou­leur des Dé­mo­crates / to swamp sub­mer­ger / ge­ne­ric ballot poll en­quête consis­tant à de­man­der aux élec­teurs pour quel par­ti ils comptent vo­ter (plu­tôt que le nom du can­di­dat pour qui ils vont vo­ter); ballot scru­tin, vote / tight ici, proche, ser­ré / to flip ici, faire bas­cu­ler / seat siège (au Congrès) / House = House of Re­pre­sen­ta­tives / for­th­co­ming fu­tur, pro­chain / hea­vi­ly ici, très / tur­nout par­ti­ci­pa­tion (élec­to­rale). As the US mid­term elec­tions get closer, po­li­ti­cal com­men­ta­tors are won­de­ring whe­ther a De­mo­cra­tic blue wave will swamp Con­gress and if so, how big it will be. The ge­ne­ric ballot polls have shown stronger sup­port for De­mo­crats than Re­pu­bli­cans (al­though the es­ti­mate num­bers have been tight on se­ve­ral oc­ca­sions) and recent events have crea­ted a pos­sible sce­na­rio where De­mo­crats could ma­nage to flip 24 Re­pu­bli­can-held seats to take con­trol of the House. Last Au­gust, the re­sults from the special elec­tion in Ohio’s 12th Dis­trict — the last plan­ned special elec­tion ahead of the mid­terms — were good in­di­ca­tors for the De­mo­crats’ ex­pec­ted for­th­co­ming vic­to­ry, as Re­pu­bli­can can­di­date Troy Bal­der­son on­ly won the elec­tion by a ve­ry small mar­gin, in a hea­vi­ly conser­va­tive dis­trict where Trump and Pence made per­so­nal ap­pea­rances. In ad­di­tion, a high num­ber of Re­pu­bli­cans are re­ti­ring from Con­gress and the tur­nout is ex­pec­ted to be high on the De­mo­cra­tic side. Ho­we­ver, most com­men­ta­tors think that the De­mo­crats won’t be able to take the Se­nate.

Surf’s up c’est le bon mo­ment pour sur­fer (ici, réf. à une pos­sible vague dé­mo­crate).

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