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Le dé­clin du na­tu­risme en Eu­rope.

La vie est-elle plus agréable en te­nue d’Adam ? Sur le conti­nent eu­ro­péen, pour cer­tains, il sem­ble­rait bien que oui. En France, pre­mière des­ti­na­tion na­tu­riste au monde, près de 2,6 mil­lions de per­sonnes pra­ti­que­raient le na­tu­risme de fa­çon ré­gu­lière. La ville de Mu­nich, en Al­le­magne, au­to­rise le nu­disme dans six zones spé­ci­fiques, dont des parcs du centre-ville. Pour­tant, de­puis peu, cette pra­tique semble être en re­cul en Eu­rope...

Na­ked, we are equal,” pro­claims Ida Kar­kiai­nen. The Swe­dish MP is ad­dres­sing a pa­cked hall at the 17th International Sau­na Congress in Tor­nio, Fin­land. She draws a round of ap­plause from the crowd, a mix of sau­na en­tre­pre­neurs and en­thu­siasts from Eu­rope and Ja­pan, along with a few North Ame­ri­cans.

2. It is hard to ima­gine such a speech being made by a po­li­ti­cian anyw­here out­side Eu­rope. Be­gin­ning in the late 19th cen­tu­ry, ideas about free­dom, equa­li­ty, health, sexua­li­ty and pu­blic space came to­ge­ther to create a dis­tinct­ly Eu­ro­pean en­thu­siasm for going un­clo­thed. In Scan­di­na­via the fo­cus was the sau­na. In Me­di­ter­ra­nean coun­tries it was the beach. In Ger­ma­ny it was eve­ryw­here: the country’s Freikör­per­kul­tur (“free bo­dy culture”, or FKK) en­cou­rages strip­ping off while

1. MP = Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment, membre du par­le­ment, dé­pu­té / pa­cked comble, bon­dé / to draw, drew, drawn ici, at­ti­rer, pro­vo­quer, dé­clen­cher / round of ap­plause ton­nerre d'ap­plau­dis­se­ments / en­thu­siast ama­teur. 2. speech dis­cours / health san­té / un­clo­thed nu / fo­cus centre d’in­té­rêt / to strip off se désha­biller / gar­de­ning, playing sports or ta­king lunch breaks in the park.

3. Yet Eu­rope’s taste for bare skin is in re­treat. Nu­dist beaches and re­sorts, to­pless sun­ba­thing and nude uni­sex sau­nas are de­cli­ning. Football teams re­port that players are un­willing to re­move their un­der­wear to sho­wer af­ter matches. In recent years, com­men­ta­tors across the conti­nent have re­mar­ked on a new pru­di­sh­ness.


4. The re­treat of nu­di­ty has un­pre­dic­table po­li­ti­cal overtones. Du­ring Ger­ma­ny’s elec­tion cam­pai­gn in 2017, Gre­gor Gy­si, the lea­der of the Left par­ty, la­men­ted the conser­va­tive turn re­pre­sen­ted by the de­cline of FKK, which had been stron­gest in the for­mer East Ger­ma­ny. In the Ne­ther­lands, the is­sue is more of­ten in­vo­ked

to gar­den jar­di­ner. 3. bare nu / re­sort lieu de va­cances, sta­tion bal­néaire / sun­ba­thing bain de so­leil / un­willing peu dis­po­sé, ré­frac­taire / un­der­wear sous-vê­te­ments / pru­di­sh­ness pu­deur. 4. over­tone conno­ta­tion / un­pre­dic­table im­pré­vi­sible / turn vi­rage, tour­nant / for­mer an­cien, ex- / is­sue ques­tion / on the right. In 2016 Mark Rutte, the centre-right prime mi­nis­ter, wor­ried about a fu­ture in which nude beaches have va­ni­shed be­cause the country has “sur­ren­de­red to the wishes of a cul­tu­ral mi­no­ri­ty”—by which he meant Mus­lims.

5. But while im­mi­gra­tion plays a role in Eu­rope’s in­crea­sing mo­des­ty, other fac­tors are more im­por­tant. The rise of social me­dia has

to va­nish dis­pa­raître / to sur­ren­der ca­pi­tu­ler, se sou­mettre. 5. in­crea­sing gran­dis­sant / mo­des­ty pu­deur / rise dé­ve­lop­pe­ment, es­sor /

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