LUXE City Guides - Berlin - - Mitte 3 – Gendarmenmarkt -

Most gal­leries are open 11am-6pm Tue-sat Start at U: Kochstr., com­ing out onto Friedrich­str. to­wards Check­point Char­lie, and turn right at Rudi-dutschke-str. for #23 gal­lerists’ fave Ital­ian at 50-es­que Sale e Tabac­chi / 252 950 03. The grey block op­po­site at #26 is home to Tim Raue (see Restau­rants/smart), as well as four gal­leries, in­clud­ing Crone / 259 24 49 / 11am-6pm Tue-sat / es­tab­lished artists and ex­per­i­men­tal works; VW / 816 160 418 / global names and in-house bar; and Ga­lerie Is­abella Czarnowska / 258 996 04 / con­tempo Pol­ish artists. Exit the build­ing right, turn­ing right again at Friedrich­str., to the in­fa­mous east-west bor­der cross­ing, Check­point Char­lie, an area now oc­cu­pied by the socks and sandals army. Run like a rob­ber’s dog past the drab mu­seum Haus am Check­point Char­lie, and leg it left onto Zim­mer­str., pac­ing on to #13 on the left for scents-ual Frau To­nis Per­fume / 202 153 10; and Daadga­lerie at #90-91 / 261 36 40 / across the street, which hosts the pres­ti­gious artists-in-res­i­dence pro­gram, Ber­liner Kün­stler­pro­gramm. Haben sie Hunger, Hed­wig? Re­trace to Friedrich­str., turn left and take the first right, Schützen­str., for En­trecôte at #5 / 201 654 96 / on the right, should you fancy a steak frites, or push on, mak­ing a left at Char­lot­ten­str. and tod­dle up a cou­ple blocks to #24 for more art at Ga­lerie Thomas Schulte / 206 089 90, then fur­ther up at #63 is Cada­dia / 346 208 08 / for steam­ing, freshly made soups. Or, carry on and take the next right into Mohren­str., pass­ing Gen­dar­men­markt square on your left, faith­fully re­stored to its C.17th grandeur, then spin into the next left, Mark­grafen­str., for sunny café Quch­nia at #35 / 206 092 86 / on the right with a natty sum­mer ter­race. Next, hop up the street for Shan Rahimkhan at #36 / 206 78 90, a glossy black mi­cro­cos­mos of glitz, with de­signer home­ware, coif­feur, plus a swish café. With your back to Shan, cross Mark­grafen­str. and charge straight through Gen­dar­men­markt, to reach the in­ter­sec­tion with Char­lot­ten­str. and cross the street, not­ing clas­sic Lut­ter & Weg­ner (see Lunch) at #56 on the right. Take the street be­tween the two (Tauben­str.) for Ber­lin’s take on Bar­neys, Quartier 206 / Friedrich­str. 71 / 209 468 00 / with lovely blooms on the G/F, plus Armani, Wang et al. nest­ing se­duc­tively up­stairs. Head back through Gen­dar­men­markt the way you came, and when you meet Mark­grafen­str., cross it and take a left. Now, ei­ther pivot right into Jäger­str. for vi­brant water­colour and oil paint­ings by Ex­pres­sion­ist pi­o­neer Emil Nolde at #55 Nolde Stiftung See­büll / 400 046 90, and Vau (see Restau­rants/for­mal) at #54, or sim­ply con­tinue on Mark­grafen­str. for fluid, earthy streetwear (w) at #42 An­nette Görtz / 524 153 090, then carry on, cross­ing Franzö­sis­che Str. for di­rec­tional m/w fash and life­style brands at #40 The Cor­ner / 206 709 40 / on the left. Phew! Re­trace to Quch­nia or the café at Shan to rest those trot­ters, or from The Cor­ner, exit left, head­ing up Mark­grafen­str., then turn right onto Behren­str. for the swank Ho­tel de Rome (see Ac­com.) on your right, with tea-spot The Opera Court (see Kaf­fee), swelle­gant Bebel Bar (see Bars) with sexy roof ter­race, as well as bliss­maker Spa de Rome (see Spa). How’s that for glamve­nient?

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