Greeks re­luc­tant to buy from e-su­per­mar­kets

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On­line su­per­mar­kets have yet to hit their stride in Greece. A few days ago the fourth such store an­nounced its open­ing (, but Greek con­sumers are still far from thrilled about get­ting their gro­ceries via the In­ter­net.

A sur­vey con­ducted by the EBusi­ness Re­search Cen­ter (ELTRUN) of the Athens Univer­sity of Eco­nomics and Busi­ness has found that only one in four Greek con­sumers sys­tem­at­i­cally buys prod­ucts from on­line su­per­mar­kets. The other 75 per­cent ei­ther do so rarely (30 per­cent) or never (45 per­cent).

The sur­vey showed that Greeks’ re­luc­tance is re­lated to the rich ex­pe­ri­ence of shop­ping at reg­u­lar su­per­mar­kets, the fact that they can’t ex­am­ine and select each piece of fruit or veg­etable, and the high cost of de­liv­ery that on­line or­ders usu­ally en­tail.

Of course the 25 per­cent of con­sumers who do make their pur­chases on­line is far from neg­li­gi­ble, as it amounts to some 750,000 con­sumers. Their num­ber is grow­ing too. There is a par­tic­u­lar pref­er­ence for su­per­mar­ket com­modi­ties that can be stored for a long time, such as di­a­pers, a very pop­u­lar on­line or­der.

Vir­tu­ally all Greek chains now have their own on­line stores, while Mace­do­nian chain Ma­soutis is gear­ing up to open a pi­o­neer­ing store at Kala­maria, near Thessaloniki, where con­sumers will be able to make pur­chases us­ing their cell phones: Us­ing a spe­cial app, they will or­der the prod­uct by point­ing their phone at the prod­uct. The prod­uct will then be im­me­di­ately pre­pared to ei­ther be ready at the till or de­liv­ered to the home of the shop­per.

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