Spec­i­fi­ca­tions for a nor­mal coun­try

Kathimerini English - - Front Page - BY ALEXIS PAPACHELAS

Can we be­come a nor­mal coun­try? On pa­per, it ap­pears the prac­ti­cal an­swer to this would be yes, of course we can. Greece does not have very press­ing fi­nan­cial obli­ga­tions be­tween now and 2019. Grexit has been con­signed to the closet of his­tory. Euro­peans do not want any more Greek prob­lems and are in a rush to pro­mote us, de­spite the small is­sue that we are not en­tirely up to speed yet with our obli­ga­tions. Global cap­i­tal is look­ing for fer­tile ground to take root in and it is turn­ing its eyes to­ward Greece, which at the mo­ment is quite cheap. The mar­kets are start­ing to see that, po­lit­i­cally, it would be dif­fi­cult for the coun­try to be de­railed as it was in 2015. But they do not be­lieve Prime Min­is­ter Alexis Tsipras is a politi­cian that can shock the econ­omy into growth. Sure, when he speaks to them, and he does so fre­quently, he shows that he has learned their lan­guage. How­ever, when he is gov­ern­ing, he doesn’t ap­pear to un­der­stand what needs to change in our coun­try in or­der for it to re­gain its cred­i­bil­ity. Ei­ther that or he does not have the po­lit­i­cal courage to im­pose it on his com­rades. But they are think­ing prac­ti­cally. They are fol­low­ing the public opin­ion polls and be­lieve it cer­tain based on those polls that New Democ­racy will win the next elec­tions, and win with an agenda that is much more pro-Euro­pean and pro-busi­ness than theirs. They of course have their reser­va­tions as to whether their leader will be able to con­trol the “old guard” within his party, but that will be judged much later. It is in ev­ery­one’s in­ter­est for the coun­try to re­turn to nor­mal­ity. It is in Tsipras’s be­cause he needs to have in his mind a nar­ra­tive that can yield him pos­i­tive re­sults. It can be as­sumed that he, like his pre­de­ces­sors, be­lieves that the re­cov­ery will come, un­em­ploy­ment will fall and that will re­sult in a crit­i­cal bloc of vot­ers re­turn­ing to his fold. It is in New Democ­racy leader Kyr­i­akos Mit­so­takis’s in­ter­est too, be­cause he does not want

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