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English Edition Establishe­d 1919 No 30,428-E www.ekathimeri­ni.com ATHENS, TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2020 Not to be sold separately in Greece and Cyprus • • IN BRIEF More flights from abroad welcomed on downtown Panepistim­iou Street that is part of a plan to create an extensive network in Athens for pedestrian­s and bicycles caused traffic jams across the city center yesterday. The City of Athens has called for the understand­ing of residents as the project, dubbed the Grand Walk, is still in its pilot phase. The first overall evaluation of the project’s implementa­tion, which began last week on Vasilissis Olgas and Irodotou Attikou steets, is expected after about a week. The plan aims to free up 50,000 square meters of space, create 2,000 parking spots for motorcycle­s and 12 taxi stands, and speed up bus services. Work to more internatio­nal flights yesterday as the tourist season formally got under way, with the aim to strike what government spokesman Stelios Petsas described as a delicate balance between an “authentic” travel experience and the safety of visitors. “Greece is opening its doors to tourism today. Everything is ready. We want Greece to be the safest tourist destinatio­n in Europe. This is what the government, businesses and the industry are focusing on,” he said, adding that Greece is welcoming tourists from countries with low coronaviru­s infection rates. A total of 28 flights from abroad landed at Athens Internatio­nal Airport (AIA) and two at Makedonia airport in Thessaloni­ki, northern Greece, yesterday. According to airport officials, procedures ran smoothly and no queues were observed. The ban on flights from Britain and Turkey will be in effect until June 30. According to the safety regulation­s that are in place, passengers landing in Athens from Albania, Belgium, France, Italy, North Macedonia, the Netherland­s, Portugal, Spain and Sweden will all be tested. Passengers from other European destinatio­ns will be randomly tested. Yesterday’ s tests lasted about 45 minutes. “Anyone who chooses to travel during these first days is expecting inspection­s,” an airline executive told Kathimerin­i. All internatio­nal arrivals will be allowed to all Greek airports as of July 1. Museums, gyms and spas also reopened yesterday. Meanwhile yesterday, health authoritie­s confirmed 13 new coronaviru­s cases, raising the total number to 3,134, while the death toll climbed to 184. Greece reopened EDITORIAL WEATHER 18o/32o 17o/30o 18o/30o 19o/29o 19o/29o 17o/33o 19o/30o Athens Thessaloni­ki Patra Iraklio Santorini Nicosia Limassol EMERGENCY NUMBERS Police Ambulance Fire dpt Coast Guard SOS Doctors Directory 100 166 199 108 1016 11888 COMMENTARY | Ethnarhou Makariou & 2 Falireos, Athens 185-47 Greece Tel: 210.4808000, Fax: 210.4808460 English Edition Tom Ellis Niki Kitsantoni­s Editor in Chief Managing Editor PUBLISHED BY NYT FRANCE -KATHIMERIN­I SAS editor@ekathimeri­ni.com E-mail: CALL 210.4808222 TO ORDER A SUBSCRIPTI­ON 12 months 6 months 3 months EUROS EUROS EUROS 515.00 282.00 150.00 SUBSCRIPTI­ON RATES

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