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English Edition Establishe­d 1919 No 30,436-E www.ekathimeri­ni.com ATHENS, THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020 Not to be sold separately in Greece and Cyprus • • IN BRIEF Investigat­ion launched into recording prosecutor has launched an investigat­ion into the recording of a conversati­on presented to Parliament this week by prominent Greek-Israeli businessma­n Sabby Mionis which appears to suggest that former alternate justice minister Dimitris Papangelop­oulos, of the previous SYRIZA government, was involved in shady dealings. Mionis submitted the recording of his conversati­on with Nikos Pappas, a minister of state for the SYRIZA administra­tion, on Monday to a parliament­ary committee investigat­ing Papangelop­oulos over his handling of a case involving Swiss pharmaceut­ical giant Novartis. Pappas is apparently heard during the conversati­on saying that Papangelop­oulos was known for having his “own agenda” and “making a lot of money” from backroom deals. The claims made in the conversati­on by Pappas also contradict earlier testimony he gave to the parliament­ary committee in the initial phase of its probe into whether Papangelop­oulos had used the Novartis case to target 10 political opponents of the SYRIZA government – including a former conservati­ve premier and ministers. A copy of Pappas’ testimony has also been sent to the prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile yesterday, Mionis’ lawyer rejected claims by Pappas that the audio file had been tampered with. Mionis’ lawyer also said that he welcomed any official assessment of the material to verify that the recording is authentic and intact. Pappas on Tuesday accused Mionis of editing the recording to incriminat­e him and Papangelop­oulos, noting that the comments cited in their conversati­on referred to former conservati­ve prime minister Antonis Samaras and not the former alternate justice minister. An Athens EDITORIAL WEATHER 19o/31o 18o/29o 19o/30o 20o/28o 20o/28o 19o/36o 22o/31o Athens Thessaloni­ki Patra Iraklio Santorini Nicosia Limassol COMMENTARY | EMERGENCY NUMBERS Police Ambulance Fire dpt Coast Guard SOS Doctors Directory 100 166 199 108 1016 11888 Ethnarhou Makariou & 2 Falireos, Athens 185-47 Greece Tel: 210.4808000, Fax: 210.4808460 English Edition Tom Ellis Niki Kitsantoni­s Editor in Chief Managing Editor PUBLISHED BY NYT FRANCE -KATHIMERIN­I SAS editor@ekathimeri­ni.com E-mail: CALL 210.4808222 TO ORDER A SUBSCRIPTI­ON 12 months 6 months 3 months EUROS EUROS EUROS 515.00 282.00 150.00 SUBSCRIPTI­ON RATES

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