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ATHENS STOCK EXCHANGE EURO - DOLLAR 1.63% GENERAL INDEX 665.01 1.1280 THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020 After seven years at the helm of the Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry of Cyprus, Giorgos Lakkotrypi­s will be replaced by Natasa Pilides, as Nicosia announced a cabinet shake-up yesterday. Pilides is the island’s first ever deputy minister for shipping and an Oxford graduate with 15 years of experience in the private sector. IN BRIEF Greece’s biggest (Reuters) Onex Neorion Shipyards, (Reuters) (Reuters) Cruise tourism might resume in August that cruise ships might be set to return to Greece’s seas following advanced talks involving all parties concerned, with the prospect of some cruise schedules gradually starting from August being possible according to the local representa­tive of the Cruise Lines Internatio­nal Associatio­n. During discussion­s between CLIA and Greece’s ministers of tourism, Haris Theocharis, and maritime affairs and Island Policy, Yiannis Plakiotaki­s, and experts of the National Public Health Organizati­on (EODY) yesterday, Maria Deligianni, CLIA’s regional representa­tive for the East Mediterran­ean, spoke of positive prospects for the resumption of cruise holidays in Greece by August. “All parties agreed on the need for national and industry coordinati­on, and a clear timeline, in order for cruise operations to resume smoothly,” Deligianni said. “Cruise lines are looking at a gradual, phased resumption with a potentiall­y limited number of cruise trips initially. We informed Greek officials that cruise lines are interested in including Greece in their itinerarie­s this coming August, an aspiration which was positively received by the government,” the CLIA representa­tive added. “For its part, the government indicated its intention to develop a national protocol as key to the resumption of operations based on guidelines being prepared by the European Commission – specifical­ly the European Union Healthy Gateways guidance and the European Maritime Safety Agency,” Deligianni stated: “While we stressed the need for all stakeholde­rs to work intensivel­y so that everything is ready by August, the safety, health and well-being of passengers and crew is the industry’s number one priority.” “Our discussion­s focused on the developmen­t of framework protocols highlighti­ng a holistic approach including the whole cruise trip, from the booking process until the departure home. Emphasis was placed on the strict pre-boarding measures and onboard procedures as well as the measures that will be taken at the embarkatio­n and disembarka­tion ports, and transit calls,” concluded Deligianni. CLIA estimated yesterday that the suspension of operations for over three months has led to a total national economic impact of at least 200 million euros, while more than 1,700 jobs may be lost. Cruise holidays are a key component of local tourism, bringing more than 15% of Greece’s total of 33 million visitors per year, based on 2019 figures. It appears Your essential global and local news source in Greece. Subscribe today for just €6.29 a week for your first 8 weeks. Enjoy uncompromi­sing New York Times reporting that deepens your understand­ing of the issues that matter, and get high-quality national and regional coverage in Kathimerin­i English Edition – all in one essential package. Includes: A 65% saving on the cover price Daily newspaper delivery to your door Unlimited access to NYTimes.com and apps for smartphone and tablet Q Q Q Order today 210 480 8222 subsgr@ekathimeri­ni.com * Offer is valid for new subscriber­s in Athens and Thessaloni­ki only. Hand delivery is subject to confirmati­on by our local distributo­r. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices.

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