In­ter­min­gling of hu­man emo­tions al­ways tran­scends all

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Dear Ed­i­tor,

The re­cent royal wed­ding and its end­less breath­less cov­er­age has an em­brac­ing feel good qual­ity about it. In a world tainted by the ug­li­ness and sludge of poi­sonous con­tam­i­nants, it is a breath of fresh air. Although I nei­ther read nor look at such happenings, I can only imag­ine the splen­dour of the pomp and pageantry that only the Bri­tish can deliver for such an oc­ca­sion. Af­ter all, they have had a lot of prac­tice. One would have to be a real space cadet not to be aware, even in pass­ing, of where all roads lead.

While I do not have much time or re­gard for royalty (I rou­tinely dis­miss as use­less ex­pen­sive or­na­ments), I can­not help but re­flect on strange and dif­fer­ent oc­cur­rences as the world turns; they can be so un­be­liev­able as to be true-life soap op­eras. For not so long ago, it was against the law, and at the level of a felony, for such re­la­tion­ships to be made pub­lic, con­firmed in mar­riage, and con­sum­mated. Anti-mis­ce­gena­tion laws were the pro­hib­i­tive le­gal bar­ri­ers that cap­tured and pro­jected en­dur­ing fears and ha­treds. Mat­ters hard­ened to such an ex­tent in some men’s hearts, that all it took in some of the more fe­ro­ciously big­oted ju­ris­dic­tions was one drop of blood. Ge­or­gia would not have been on any­body’s mind (es­pe­cially the non­white) dur­ing those com­bustible times; or Nazi Ger­many from just a lit­tle while back.

Yet to­day the world has turned so much (yet so lit­tle) at some poles that a de­scen­dant of those pre­vi­ously scorned is now a Duchess, and not a mi­nor one by any mea­sure­ment; she is the lady of the house, a manor to be more ac­cu­rate. Her long ago an­ces­tors must be stand­ing tall and proud while hum­ming Hal­leluiah and think­ing of an English sea­farer and slave trader named John New­ton, as they hear the strains of Amaz­ing Grace, and what it has now come to sig­nify in the life of their prog­eny. It may take cen­turies, but there is over­com­ing the cruel wicked ways of man. From the bib­li­cal Queen of Sheba (def­i­nitely not a slave) to the colo­nial Nehru (very much a suited serf), the in­ter­min­gling of hu­man emo­tions al­ways tran­scends all. It in­stills an in­vig­o­rat­ing in the spirit when those emo­tions and pas­sions are ones associated with pos­i­tive pul­sa­tions of heart sur­ren­der­ing to what is nat­u­ral. It is a long march from not a sin­gle drop of blood to the jew­eled di­adems of a princess (an Amer­i­can no less) cross­ing the thresh­old of her own cas­tle in supremely regal fash­ion.

I wish that those who still har­bour anti-mis­ce­gena­tion sen­ti­ments and reser­va­tions will learn to be­gin to live. They can make a start by shed­ding those lay­ered in­ner skins that taint and dis­fig­ure with fea­tures grotesque in out­line and be­hav­iours to match. They may be words or pos­tures or at­ti­tudes; they cor­rupt. I also wish to ex­tend the very best to the new­est royal cou­ple, par­tic­u­larly the bride.

Yours faith­fully, GHK Lall

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