Three things you need to know about los­ing fat

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each meal and snack. Log your calo­ries in an old-fash­ioned jour­nal.

In or­der to de­ter­mine how many calo­ries you need, mul­ti­ply your goal weight by 10 if you’re seden­tary, or 12 if you’re ac­tive. For ex­am­ple, a seden­tary woman with a goal weight of 140 pounds would re­quire 1,400 calo­ries, while an ac­tive woman with a goal weight of 140 pounds would re­quire 1,680 calo­ries.

If you want to lose fat but don’t want to lose weight, just re­duce your cur­rent weight by 5 pounds. Do­ing so will help you burn fat, and then you can put the weight back on through mus­cle later by putting in time and ef­fort at the gym.

2) You need car­dio and strength train­ing - not just one or the other

If your pri­mary goal is weight loss—the first step in los­ing fat—a com­bi­na­tion of car­dio and weights is your best bet and no, lift­ing two-pound dumb­bells vig­or­ously doesn’t count. Hop on a tread­mill, join a spin class, or use a stair climber.

While you’re still in the weight-loss process, de­vote 50% of your work­out time to mod­er­ate to vig­or­ous in­ten­sity car­dio and the other 50% to strength train­ing. Later on, once you’re in a place of weight main­te­nance, al­ter­nate days for car­dio and strength train­ing, or split your work­outs 60-40 in favour of weights.

3) Calo­rie-dense make it hard to lose fat

Whether you’re sip­ping a latte, fresh­pressed green juice, or beer, caloric bev­er­ages make it dif­fi­cult to lose weight, pe­riod. The car­bo­hy­drates in calo­rie-con­tain­ing bev­er­ages is bro­ken down to sugar very quickly in the blood­stream, where it is picked up by in­sulin and stored in the mid­sec­tion as fat. Avoid any and all caloric bev­er­ages dur­ing the fat re­duc­tion process, and stick to noncaloric bev­er­ages like black cof­fee, unsweet­ened tea, and of course wa­ter.


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