Kwak­wani be­sieged by floods

-over 300 res­i­dents re­ported to be af­fected

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Over 300 res­i­dents have been af­fected by se­vere flood­ing in Kwak­wani, in Re­gion Ten, as a re­sult of heavy rain­fall over the week­end.

An of­fi­cial from the Re­gion Ten Re­gional Demo­cratic Coun­cil (RDC), who did not want to be named, said over 71 house­holds were af­fected by the flood­ing at Lamp Is­land, while an­other 98 at the Water­front are grap­pling with flood­wa­ter more than five feet in height.

Of­fi­cials have stated that the wa­ter is over five feet in cer­tain ar­eas and higher in others.

“Most per­sons’ per­sonal items are be­ing dam­aged, like their re­frig­er­a­tors, fur­ni­ture, cloth­ing and other im­por­tant items. It was caused by the heavy rain­fall over the week­end and the rivers con­nect­ing. It’s the rainy sea­son and it started since in May but the wa­ter level has risen sig­nif­i­cantly and rapidly over the week­end and is not show­ing any signs of re­ced­ing,” an of­fi­cial said.

Ac­cord­ing to im­ages that were seen by Stabroek News, ar­eas, in­clud­ing the roads, have been in­un­dated. As a re­sult, res­i­dents have taken to us­ing boats on the roads, which can no longer be distin­guished from the river, to ac­cess their homes and other parts of the vil­lage.

Those res­i­dents with bot­tom flats have been fac­ing the brunt of the flood­ing and many were re­port­edly un­able to move their fur­ni­ture and house­hold items be­fore the wa­ter level rose rapidly.

“Right now, we are ex­pect­ing some more rain­fall. The wa­ter level from Sun­day and Mon­day to to­day has risen let’s say about five feet or so and from be­fore [in May] to now it would’ve been be­tween eight to ten feet for about four weeks now. Per­sons are se­verely af­fected from the Lamp Is­land, ‘Down the Road’ and ‘Over the River’ ar­eas. They use la­trines, so their toi­let fa­cil­i­ties are down…. Right now they are try­ing to catch the rain wa­ter as it falls to use but it is very heavy and dif­fi­cult,” Chair of the Kwak­wani Neigh­bour­hood Demo­cratic Coun­cil (NDC) Juanita Lea­cock said.

She ex­plained that the NDC and its coun­cil­lors ven­tured out yes­ter­day and did an as­sess­ment and will be mak­ing a for­mal re­port to the gov­ern­ment.

“A few per­sons have dam­age at Lamp Is­land and ‘Over the River’… and some per­sons are out of elec­tric­ity be­cause their en­tire house un­der wa­ter so the util­ity ser­vice had to go dis­con­nect be­fore it causes any more prob­lems. We do have a few per­sons that get dam­age to their fur­ni­ture and house­hold ap­pli­ances and one woman’s en­tire shop went un­der wa­ter and all her goods were de­stroyed,” she added.

Buses and other trans­porta­tion are hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time travers­ing through the high flood­wa­ters and as a re­sult, prices to reach the com­mu­nity and to de­liver sup­plies have in­creased.

The Civil De­fence Com­mis­sion (CDC) is ex­pected to visit the com­mu­nity to­day to do an as­sess­ment of the sit­u­a­tion and pro­vide as­sis­tance to the res­i­dents.

A flooded Kwak­wani yard.

A lone house sur­rounded by flood­wa­ter.

An­other sec­tion of the in­un­dated road.

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