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It’s a physiological fact – we get weepy at 35,000 feet. Why fight it?


Charlene Choi finds more than a few reasons to break up with her boyfriend in 77 Heartbreaks (movies – Chinese cinema) (1). Two sisters come to terms with their father’s impending death in Spanish drama No Sé Decir Adiós (Can’t Say Goodbye) (movies – arthouse) (2). Watch a candid profile of the successes and struggles of Whitney Houston in documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me (TV – documentary) (3). The blissful life of a blind married couple is shattered in Bollywood revenge drama Kaabil (movies – Asian cinema) (4).

蔡卓妍在《原諒他77次》(電影—華語電影)( 1)中尋找各種與男友分手的理由。兩姊妹在西班牙電影《No SéDecir Adiós(Can’tSay Goodbye)》(電影—藝術空間)( 2)中接受父親快將離世的事實。紀錄片《Whi tney:身不由己》(電視—紀錄短片)( 3)毫無保留地剖析歌手Whitney Houston一生的成功與掙扎。失一對 明夫婦的美滿生活在波李活復電仇 影《Kaabil》(電影—亞洲映畫()4 )中被徹底粉。碎

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