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Everyone’s talking about this movie or TV show. What do you mean, you’ve not seen it?


See the final battle in the war between humans and apes in War for the Planet of the Apes (movies – Western cinema) (1). The Transformers are back for another instalment of heavy-metal action in Transformers: The Last Knight (movies – Western cinema) (2). See why The Handmaid’s Tale (TV – drama) (3) cleaned up at this year’s Emmys, including wins for best drama and best actress. Idris Elba is a gunslinger out to save the world in fantasy adventure The Dark Tower (movies – Western cinema) (4).

人類與猿人在《猿人爭霸戰:猩凶巨戰》(電影—西方院線)( 1)中展開終極一戰。變一眾 形金剛於《形變金剛:終極戰士》(電影—西方院線)( 2)中進行另一場重金屬激戰。今年艾美獎大贏家《The Handmaid’s Tale》(電視—劇力萬鈞)( 3)囊括最佳劇集及最佳女主角等多個大獎,當然不容錯過。Idris Elba在奇幻歷險片《黑魔塔》(電影—西方院線)(4 )中飾救的演拯 世界神。槍手

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