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WITH DIFFICULT terrain and scorching temperatures, the Lewa Marathon is considered one of the toughest races in the world. See why runners from all over the world descend upon the Kenyan wildlife sanctuary every year for this race, and learn why the event is so important to the local community.

See page 46 for more about Kenya, the Lewa Marathon and how you can donate Asia Miles to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy 東非肯尼亞Lewa馬拉松的賽道地勢險要,加上當地天氣酷熱,被視為世界上最艱巨的賽事之一。來齊 看看為跑何 手每年都會湧至肯尼亞野生動物保護,與區 參 這場馬拉松,並了解這項賽事對地當 社群的重要性。 有關肯尼亞、Lewa馬拉松以及捐出洲「亞 萬 里 通 」里 數 支 持 Lewa Wildlife Conservancy野生動物保護區的詳情,請參閱46頁

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