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A loose, ab­sent­minded adap­ta­tion of Hachisu’s recipe for ume­boshi in Pre­serv­ing the Ja­panese Way


Green plums Fine sea salt


1. Weigh your green plums. Then mea­sure out 8% of that weight in fine sea salt.

2. Soak the plums in cold wa­ter


3. In the morn­ing, drain them, put them in a large con­tainer and cover with the salt. Make sure you don’t cut or bruise the plums as you

dis­trib­ute the salt.

4. Cover the plums with a clean muslin cloth and put some weights over the cloth.

5. For­get about the plums and move

on with your life.

6. If you’re an or­gan­ised per­son and live in Cal­i­for­nia or a non-trop­i­cal, non-pol­luted cli­mate, you should re­mem­ber the plums af­ter about three weeks. Re­move them from the brine that has de­vel­oped and dry them in the sun­shine on rat­tan mats rest­ing among the plum trees. Af­ter three days of sun­ning, re­turn the plums to the brine.

7. How­ever, if you’re me, you will

con­tinue to for­get about the plums. 8. When you do re­mem­ber the plums three months later, eat them and en­joy. If you’re smart, make an ice cream out of them.

9. Strain the brine and use it as vine­gar.

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