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Anan­tha­pura Lake tem­ple is po­si­tioned in Ichil­am­pady, a vil­lage of Anan­tha­pura, Kasar­god District in the state of Kerala, In­dia. This is the only lake tem­ple in Kerala and is be­lieved to be the orig­i­nal seat of Lord Anan­tha Pad­man­ab­haswamy. The tem­ple is known as the moolasthanam, the orig­i­nal source, of the Sri Anan­tha Pad­man­abha Swamy Tem­ple of Thiruvananthapuram, the cap­i­tal of Kerala State, which is in the far south.

The scenery sur­round­ing the tem­ple is a treat to the eye, cre­at­ing a sense of peace and soli­tude. Sprawl­ing hillocks sets the back­ground and the tem­ple is sur­rounded by vast grass lands. The Sreekovil is sur­rounded by a rec­tan­gu­lar lake. The Tem­ple Gop­u­ram, the tem­ple ed­i­fice, and the Sreekovil are con­nected by a small bridge. On the outer walls of the Sreekovil there are mar­vel­lous and an­cient mu­ral paint­ings on Pu­ranic themes. To pro­tect these paint­ings an outer wall was con­structed around the Sreekovil in re­cent times. AR­CHI­TEC­TURE

The tem­ple is raised in a unique struc­tural as­pects in the mid­dle of the serene lake. The lake is gifted with a peren­nial sup­ply of pure spring wa­ter.The lake of the tem­ple mea­sures around 2 acres of the area. The tem­ple has an ex­cel­lent col­lec­tion of wood carv­ings. These carv­ings de­pict the leg­endary sto­ries of Dasa­vataram.


The leg­end says that the great sage Di­vakara Muni Vil­wa­man­galam per­formed sev­eral poo­jas here. He

was also lucky enough to pro­vide shel­ter to the Lord who was in the guise of a mis­chievous lit­tle boy. The his­tory says that Lord Pad­man­ab­haswamy went all the way to Thiruvananthapuram through the cave in the right cor­ner of the lake. The sig­nif­i­cant fea­ture of the tem­ple is the Veg­e­tar­ian Crocodile in the tem­ple pond which is said to be around 150 years old. This is con­sid­ered as the Guardian Crocodile and is named as Babia. Babia ac­cepts only the of­fer­ings from the devo­tees. Usu­ally it is a spe­cial gruel made of rice and mo­lasses. The tem­ple au­thor­i­ties re­port that the crocodile hasn’t even harmed the fishes in the pond.


The tem­ple is open for devo­tees from 5.30 AM to 12.30 PM and from 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM.


The ma­jor fes­ti­val of this tem­ple is the Vaarshikoth­sava cel­e­brated dur­ing the

14th of Malay­alam month Kumba. The best month to visit the tem­ple is April.


The daily poo­jas are per­formed at 7.30 pm, 12.30 pm and 7 pm. The poo­jas per­formed in the tem­ple in­clude Karthika pooja, Pan­chaka­j­jaya, Kumku­marchana, Push­pan­jali, Kar­pooraarthi, Haalu­payasa, Kalasha Japa, Shani Japa, Tam­bila, Vid­h­yarambha and An­naprashna.

Info on the de­ity – Spe­cific to the tem­ple de­ity

The pre­sid­ing de­ity of the tem­ple is Lord Vishnu. The deities in the tem­ple were made up of 70 medic­i­nal ma­te­ri­als also called as Kadu-Sharkara-Yogam. These idols were re­placed by Pan­chaloha met­als. The de­ity is seen in a sit­ting pos­ture with a five­headed ser­pent King.


By Road

The tem­ple is 12 kms away from Kasar­god. The main bus stand is at a walk­a­ble dis­tance of 650 m from the tem­ple. Buses, auto-rick­shaws and taxis are avail­able al­most all the time to reach the tem­ple. By Rail

The near­est rail head is the Kasar­god Rail­way sta­tion at a dis­tance of 15 kms from the tem­ple.

By Air

The near­est air­port is the Man­ga­lore In­ter­na­tional Air­port at a dis­tance of 560 kms from the tem­ple.

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