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The newly ap­pointed Chief Tech­nol­ogy Of­fi­cer of Apollo Tyres rolling re­sis­tance and evo­lu­tion of elec­tron­ics in tyres. Edited ex­cerpts: spoke to on re­duc­ing the

Auto components India - - Q&A - Daniele Loren­zetti Bhar­gav TS

Q: Q:

When you say ded­i­cated pil­lars, will it be on de­sign­ing a new prod­uct with im­proved raw ma­te­rial?

Loren­zetti: One of the main pil­lars is the ma­te­rial pil­lar and what you men­tion is cor­rect. We are col­lab­o­rat­ing with many sup­pli­ers to de­velop a new ma­te­rial to be more and more com­pet­i­tive. We are de­vel­op­ing a lot of new com­po­nents and we will be in­tro­duc­ing them very soon. These new ma­te­ri­als will cer­tainly re­duce the rolling re­sis­tance. Pat­tern de­sign and cav­ity de­sign will also re­duce rolling re­sis­tance in a big way.


In or­der to be eco-friendly, how do you plan to re­duce the de­pen­dency on fos­sil fu­els?

Loren­zetti: One of the tar­gets to re­duce the rolling re­sis­tance is to pro­duce lighter tyres. So the rolling re­sis­tance value is very im­por­tant to con­trol the ma­te­ri­als in the fac­tory. The rolling re­sis­tance journey is not only on R&D, it is a global journey of the fac­tory. The chal­lenges are not only in de­vel­op­ing ma­te­ri­als, but we have to make sure that the tyres are man­u­fac­tured with lighter thick­ness in a con­sis­tent way.


In tyre man­u­fac­tur­ing you can have ei­ther soft rub­ber for higher grip or hard rub­ber for dura­bil­ity. Is there any way to bridge both?

Loren­zetti: Now the tech­nol­ogy is evolv­ing and we have a so­lu­tion by hav­ing new ma­te­ri­als and so on. To­day it is pos­si­ble to de­velop high per­for­mance tyre with good grip and low rolling re­sis­tance val­ues. In the new gen­er­a­tion tyres the car­bon black is sub­sti­tuted by sil­ica so there is a change in tech­nol­ogy about the fillers and the trade of the per­for­mance is com­pletely chang­ing. So the evo­lu­tion in the tyre business is quick and we are able to pro­duce good tyres that have bet­ter mileage.


In tyre in­dus­try elec­tron­ics has started play­ing a ma­jor role. What is Apollo Tyres do­ing on this?

Loren­zetti: Elec­tron­ics in tyres is mainly to de­velop sys­tems to in­ter­pret the in­for­ma­tion from the tyre that are in con­tact with roads. These in­for­ma­tion are used to de­velop bet­ter tyres for the next gen­er­a­tion tyres to have bet­ter per­for­mance, safety and con­trol. There are also other elec­tron­ics in tyres like RFID to give right sta­bil­ity.


So do you mean to say all these elec­tronic de­vices will be placed in­side the tyres?

Loren­zetti: Many types of sys­tems are avail­able. We are con­cen­trat­ing on the sen­sors that can be added to the tyres to mon­i­tor their per­for­mance. There are 2 types of sen­sors, one is to mon­i­tor the tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure, and in the next gen­er­a­tion tyres the sen­sors will be placed in the in­ter­nal part of

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