Con­air presents R-PRO con­vey­ing sys­tem with vari­able speed

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Con­air, the lead­ing pro­ducer of aux­il­iary equip­ment for plas­tics pro­cess­ing in the world, de­buted its patent-pend­ing R-PRO dense-phase vac­u­um­con­vey­ing sys­tem with vari­a­ble­speed ca­pa­bil­i­ties at the K 2016, world’s premier fair for the plas­tics and rub­ber in­dus­try, in Dus­sel­dorf, Ger­many, in October.

This sys­tem min­imises pellet frac­tur­ing, ‘angel hair’ and equip­ment wear caused by con­ven­tional di­lutephase con­vey­ing. It can be `tuned’ to match ma­te­rial speed to ap­pli­ca­tion re­quire­ments and the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the ma­te­rial be­ing con­veyed.

When the Con­air R-PRO (ResinPRO­tec­tion) con­vey­ing sys­tem was first in­tro­duced a year ago, the fo­cus was on slow-speed densephase con­vey­ing, which elim­i­nates pellet frac­tur­ing, dust, `angel hair’ equip­ment wear and other prob­lems caused by con­ven­tional high-speed vac­uum con­vey­ing.

Doug Brew­ster, Con­vey­ing Prod­uct Man­ager, and the in­ven­tor of the sys­tem, said, “R-PRO is ca­pa­ble of run­ning at low speeds, and it can also op­er­ate in the more con­ven­tional di­lute phase, with in­di­vid­ual pel­lets fully sus­pended in the high-speed air or at any speed in be­tween. As ma­te­rial speed in­creases, there is a grad­ual tran­si­tion from dense phase to di­lute phase, and we have found we can con­trol that tran­si­tion very ef­fec­tively and run right on the edge in a sort of mixed pulse phase. We think we can use this for higher-vol­ume un­load­ing where more air­flow may be de­sir­able but truly high­speed op­er­a­tion is not nec­es­sary or de­sir­able.”

“The vari­able-speed ca­pa­bil­i­ties of R-PRO give pro­ces­sors the flex­i­bil­ity to tune the sys­tem to their ex­act needs. For the highly abra­sive glass and min­eral-filled ma­te­ri­als, the slow­est ma­te­rial speeds are the best. We are find­ing that we can run at higher speeds with some ma­te­ri­als and still avoid a lot of the usual prob­lems. This can be a big ad­van­tage for un­load­ing bulk trucks and rail­cars where more air­flow is help­ful,” he said.

Brew­ster said, “this mid-range speed would be good with ma­te­ri­als like PET and acrylic, which are only mildly abra­sive, or with light-bulk­den­sity ma­te­ri­als (e.g.: 15 lb/cu ft), like PE sheet flake. It is re­ally easy to raise or lower ma­te­rial speed and air­flow and we can do it with great precision and con­trol. The great news is the flex­i­bil­ity that the R-Pro sys­tem pro­vides. The cus­tomer can set up and store pro­grammes (up to 10 per re­ceiver sta­tion) and con­vey dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als at dif­fer­ent speeds.”

Re­sponse to this in­no­va­tion has been very positive, es­pe­cially since con­vey­ing through­put and dis­tances are com­pa­ra­ble to high-speed sys­tems. In ad­di­tion, since R-PRO uses stan­dard deep-vac­uum pumps, con­vey­ing tubes and ma­te­rial re­ceivers, the sys­tem costs only a lit­tle more than con­ven­tional sys­tems and can be eas­ily retro­fit­ted to ex­ist­ing sys­tems.

Other in­no­va­tions

The other Con­air in­no­va­tions on dis­play were a new FLX-128 Plus con­vey­ing con­trol, which now can be set up to op­er­ate the R-PRO sys­tem, a new Mo­bile Dry­ing/ Con­vey­ing (MDC) sys­tem with stan­dard colour touch screen con­trol in­ter­face, and sev­eral ex­am­ples of equip­ment from Con­air’s new MedLine range of clean-room-ready aux­il­iaries. The ex­hibits at K 2016 also in­cluded the new, patent-pend­ing Con­air In­vis­i­ble Line Proof­ing (ILP) sys­tem, a new dual-spin­dle au­to­matic cu­tand-trans­fer coiler (ATC), de­signed for high-speed wind­ing of small­diam­e­ter ex­truded tub­ing and flex­i­ble pro­files, the com­pact and quiet NCF-814 Gran­u­la­tor, which has a su­per-tan­gen­tial cut­ting cham­ber to turn con­tain­ers and other bulky scrap into clean, uniform re­grind for bet­ter prod­uct qual­ity.

The new FLX-128 Plus sys­tem, is scal­able and has all the same fea­tures that made the pre­vi­ous web-en­abled FLX-128 Con­air’s most pop­u­lar con­vey­ing sys­tem con­trol ob­so­lete. The new sys­tem is now smarter, faster, and more powerful. It not only con­trols R-PRO sys­tems, but also in­te­grates Con­air’s new line-proof­ing sys­tems, in­clud­ing the In­vis­i­ble Line Proof­ing (ILP) sys­tem.

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