Ba­jaj Dis­cover 110

Ba­jaj Auto shake up the 110-cc com­muter seg­ment with a new Dis­cover for 2018. Here’s what we think af­ter a day in the sad­dle


Ba­jaj aim to shake up the 110-cc com­muter seg­ment with the new Dis­cover

The Dis­cover name has been part of ba­jaj’s line-up for well over a decade, and over the years we have seen sev­eral vari­ants come and go in ca­pac­i­ties rang­ing from 100 cc to 150 cc. There was the en­trylevel 100-cc Dis­cover, a few vari­ants of an ex­ec­u­tive-com­muter 125-cc ver­sion, and sportier 135- and 150-cc ver­sions. With all of these mod­els run­ning their course with var­ied lev­els of suc­cess, ba­jaj have now de­cided to wipe the slate clean and re­fresh the brand with two new mo­tor­cy­cles for 2018: the Dis­cover 110 and the Dis­cover 125. We bring you this first ride re­port af­ter spend­ing a day with the smaller sib­ling in the en­vi­ron­ment it is de­signed for — Pune’s un­for­giv­ing traf­fic.

al­though this is an all-new mo­tor­cy­cle, it is eas­ily recog­nis­able as a ba­jaj Dis­cover at first glance. This is in­ten­tional and the de­sign takes much in­spi­ra­tion from ear­lier Dis­cover mod­els to re­in­force the con­nect that the tar­get au­di­ence had with the older bikes. it is only on closer in­spec­tion that the newer bits shine through. The fa­mil­iar oval head­light is now flanked by at­trac­tive LeD day­time run­ning lights, and be­yond the short fly-screen is an all-new dash with an easy-to-read ana­logue tachome­ter fea­tur­ing a racy red nee­dle, be­side a large LcD dis­play with a bold speed read­out. The dis­play is spa­cious enough to have ded­i­cated rows for o do and trip me­ters with­out the need for a but­ton to switch be­tween the two; the odome­ter is dis­played along the top, while the trip me­ter finds room un­der the speedo and there’s even room for a ver­ti­cal bar-type fuel-gauge to the left. all the com­po­nents are eas­ily leg­i­ble at a glance un­less the sun is di­rectly over­head, in which case there is quite a lot of glare re­flected off the unit. The fa­mil­iarly shaped tank leads to a wide, well-padded seat, be­low which the grey plas­tic panel adds a wel­come bit of con­trast to the side pro­file, and helps to dis­tin­guish the 2018 Dis­cover from ear­lier mod­els. The at­trac­tive, black, web-in­spired al­loy wheels that were first seen on the Dis­cover 150 a few years ago make an ap­pear­ance here and add to the vis­ual ap­peal of the mo­tor­cy­cle.

The rid­ing po­si­tion is up­right, com­fort­able, and er­gonom­i­cally sound, al­though ex­tremely short riders may find the 805-mm seat height some­what daunt­ing. This is due to the high­est-in-class sus­pen­sion travel that ba­jaj have en­dowed this bike with, 120 mm up front and 140 mm at the rear, to bet­ter tackle our un­pre­dictable road con­di­tions while en­sur­ing a com­fort­able ride, but more about that later.

once on the move, i was im­me­di­ately struck by the tractabil­ity of ba­jaj’s all-new 115.4-cc long-stroke en­gine. The com­pany is ex­tremely proud of this unit, which is mated to a smooth-shift­ing four-speed gear­box, and i was amazed at the us­able torque avail­able right off idle. Peak fig­ures are 8.6 Ps at 7,000 rpm and 9.81 nm of twist at 5,000 rpm, but the en­gine re­ally im­presses at lower revs; i saw an in­di­cated 18 km/h in top gear with­out any sign of knock­ing, and the bike eas­ily picked up speed when i rolled the throt­tle open. This kind of char­ac­ter is ex­actly what is ex­pected of a com­muter, mak­ing it easy to fil­ter through traf­fic in a high gear, keep­ing the revs low and burn­ing less fuel. as speed picks up, the Dis­cover 110 feels

smooth and re­spon­sive be­tween 40 and 60 km/h, with vi­bra­tions start­ing to creep in from the tank and foot-pegs as speeds ap­proach 70 km/h. i did see an in­di­cated top speed of over 90 km/h, al­though we can only bring you pre­cise facts and fig­ures when we put the bike through a com­pre­hen­sive road test.

com­ing back to the sus­pen­sion and ride qual­ity, the Dis­cover 110 fea­tures a tra­di­tional tele­scopic fork up front, with twin, preload-ad­justable shock-ab­sorbers at the rear. as men­tioned ear­lier, these units boast of plenty of travel and the bike de­voured pot­holes with ease. The ride stays ex­tremely com­fort­able over bad roads, and even sud­den bumps fail to un­set­tle the mo­tor­cy­cle. al­though pli­ant, the rear shocks showed no signs of bot­tom­ing out even when we at­tacked a cou­ple of speed-break­ers two-up, and there was not a sin­gle com­plaint from my pil­lion. The su­perb ride, com­bined with the broad seat and up­right rid­ing po­si­tion, make the Dis­cover all-day com­fort­able for riders who spend long hours in the sad­dle.

be­ing an en­try-level com­muter, the Dis­cover 110 is built to a price, and this is made most ap­par­ent by the ab­sence of a disc brake and the fact that one isn’t even of­fered as an op­tion. con­se­quently, brak­ing per­for­mance suf­fers, and i was not im­pressed by the lack­lus­tre bite of the 130-mm front drum and the spongy feel at the lever. brak­ing du­ties at the rear are taken care of by a smaller 110-mm drum.

slot­ting in per­fectly be­tween the 100-cc Platina and the Dis­cover 125 in ba­jaj’s com­muter line-up, the Dis­cover 110 makes a com­pelling case for it­self in a highly com­pet­i­tive seg­ment. The flex­i­ble en­gine and great ride qual­ity are sure to win hearts, and time will tell if ba­jaj can dent com­peti­tors’ sales with the re­freshed Dis­cover twins.

115-cc long-stroke en­gine pro­vides us­able torque at low revs

Dash is neat and easy to read

We­bin­spired al­loys are a nice touch

Tail-light gets a new slat­ted de­sign

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