Par­vati Longs to Marry Shiva

Business Sphere - - LORD SHIV PARVATI - By G. R. Khattar, Ed­i­tor-in-Chief

One day, when Par­vati was only eight years old, her fa­ther, Hi­ma­van, took her to see Lord Shiva. From birth, Par­vati had al­ways been very spir­i­tual. She al­ways wanted to know about God, so she was thrilled to see Lord Shiva. But Lord Shiva was in a med­i­ta­tive con­scious­ness and he did not pay any at­ten­tion to the lit­tle girl. Af­ter that first en­counter, Par­vati used to come ev­ery day to see Lord Shiva. She would of­fer him fresh flow­ers, hop­ing that one day he would open his eyes and speak to her. In the back of her mind, she had formed the idea that this was the man she wanted to marry. The days be­came years and Par­vati grew into a beau­ti­ful young woman. Still Shiva re­mained ab­sorbed in his eter­nal trance. How could any­body dis­turb Shiva’s trance? Once he en­ters into trance, he en­joys the high­est and deep­est bliss. So why should he come back? One day, Par­vati con­fided to her fa­ther, “I re­ally want to marry Lord Shiva. He is med­i­tat­ing and med­i­tat­ing. How I wish that I could also med­i­tate like him!” Hi­ma­van was very sad that Shiva was not pay­ing any at­ten­tion to his beau­ti­ful daugh­ter, who was so spir­i­tual in ev­ery way. He de­cided to play a trick on Shiva: he in­voked the god of love to dis­turb Shiva’s med­i­ta­tion. The name of this par­tic­u­lar god was Madana. Madana had a bow and some ar­rows that were made of flow­ers. He used to shoot these ar­rows at his vic­tims and then they would be filled with feel­ings of emo­tional love. At Hi­ma­van's re­quest, Madana aimed his ar­rows at Lord Shiva and the ar­rows fell as flow­ers at Shiva’s feet. Sud­denly, Shiva opened his third eye and caught sight of the god of love stand­ing with his bow in his hands. Shiva im­me­di­ately burned this un­for­tu­nate god to ashes be­cause he had dis­turbed Shiva’s med­i­ta­tion. Mean­while, Par­vati was stand­ing nearby with a most beau­ti­ful gar­land in her hands, but Lord Shiva did not pay any at­ten­tion to her. It was as if she did not even ex­ist. He sim­ply closed his eyes again and went into trance. Par­vati’s par­ents had wit­nessed the whole scene and they were fu­ri­ous with Lord Shiva. They felt that he had in­sulted their dear­est daugh­ter. “You can­not marry him, Par­vati,” they said. “This Shiva has been in­sult­ing you for so many years now. You must not waste your time on him any longer.” But Par­vati would not budge. “I am go­ing to stay here,” she de­clared. “From now on, I shall eat only leaves, wet leaves.” With heavy hearts, Par­vati’s par­ents re­turned home with­out their daugh­ter. For sev­eral years, Par­vati stayed near Shiva, eat­ing only wet leaves. Then she started eat­ing only dry leaves. Af­ter a few more years, she gave up eat­ing leaves al­to­gether. When she gave up eat­ing leaves, her name be­came Aparna, which means “one who does not eat even a leaf.” Par­vati be­came the god­dess Aparna at that time be­cause of her ex­treme tapasya, or spir­i­tual dis­ci­pline. As time passed, Par­vati went one step fur­ther. She stopped drink­ing wa­ter. She was liv­ing on noth­ing but air. Hi­ma­van saw that his daugh­ter was be­com­ing very weak. He knew that it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore she would die. So Hi­ma­van went to Lord Shiva and said, “Can you not see what you are do­ing to my daugh­ter? All her life, she has wanted only one thing, and that is to marry you. But you have never even looked at her. If you are de­ter­mined not to marry her, at least look at her. Oth­er­wise, she will surely die.” Shiva con­de­scended to look at Par­vati, but to him­self he said, “Let me test her one last time be­fore I marry her.” Poor Par­vati had en­dured so many tests and still Shiva wanted to test her love and de­vo­tion. He took the form of an or­di­nary man and ap­proached her. “You are such a beau­ti­ful girl,” he said. “Why are you wast­ing your time here? I have heard that you want to marry Shiva, but what kind of man is he? He spends all his time in the cre­ma­tion ground in the com­pany of his ghost-friends. The gar­land around his neck is made of skulls. How can you marry some­one as fright­en­ing as Shiva? For­get about him! Marry a nor­mal man, like me.” Par­vati’s eyes burned. “What you are say­ing is un­true. Go away from here and leave me alone! I know who Shiva is. Do not throw your doubts and sus­pi­cions into me. I will never marry you, never! I will marry only my Lord Shiva. If you do not leave me alone this in­stant, I shall curse you!” At that mo­ment, Shiva as­sumed his true form once more. Par­vati was so moved and over­whelmed to see him stand­ing be­fore her. Shiva said to her, “Any boon that you want, I shall give you.” “You do not know by this time what boon I want?” asked Par­vati. “I want only to marry you.” “Granted,” said Shiva. Af­ter Shiva and Par­vati were mar­ried, Par­vati came to know that she had been Shiva’s wife in her pre­vi­ous in­car­na­tion. Her name then was Sati and she im­mo­lated her­self be­cause her fa­ther, Dak­sha, in­sulted Shiva. But that is another story!

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