Bharti Chawla, Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, OLC Ship­ping Line Pvt. Ltd.

OLC Ship­ping Line Pvt. Ltd.

Business Sphere - - CONTENTS - By Deepak Khat­tar,Chief of News Bureau and also of Manoshi Sinha

With a strong hold on Freight for­ward­ing in 150 coun­tries, rais­ing two chil­dren sin­gle hand­edly and ad­vo­cat­ing for women's equal­ity might seem like a daunt­ing task to many but for Bharti Chawla over­com­ing ob­sta­cles thrown at her, is sec­ond na­ture. Known in the cut throat cargo busi­ness as the head-strong Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor of On­line Cargo, Jo­har En­ter­prises and OLC Ship­ping Pvt. Ltd., her re­ac­tion to fail­ure is un­for­giv­ing. She is known in the field as the ruth­less busi­ness woman in a sphere that was long been dom­i­nated by men.

With a ra­zor sharp eye for de­tail and an un­prece­dented vic­tory streak since 1991, she has slowly con­quered the lo­gis­tics field. She caused a stir al­most a decade ago by ven­tur­ing into in­ter­na­tional pack­ing and mov­ing, giv­ing her the Mi­das touch. In her own words, “It wasn't a risk, if only you see how strate­gic this move was.” She is any­thing if not well pre­pared and her flaw­less ex­e­cu­tion is a trade se­cret that her ri­vals are well aware of

and of­ten come to her in tricky sit­u­a­tions. She is prac­ti­cal, cal­cu­lat­ing and of­ten shrewd but never cold, in fact her warmth is her sig­na­ture. She is hon­est and gen­uine in her deal­ings and peo­ple love talk­ing to her. She keeps her cool at all times, and is a calm­ing force needed in the fast-paced world of ex­port and im­port. Over the years cus­tomer have of­ten come back to her be­cause in a cri­sis, she knows how to keep mov­ing and bumps here and there don’t scare her. She likes a chal­lenge and ship­ments that might be de­layed are not, be­cause she makes sure they aren’t. In the past 26 years, she has built a solid em­pire that is grow­ing and ex­pand­ing at an ex­po­nen­tial rate but if

that wasn’t enough, which sel­dom is for this fierce cap­i­tal­ist, she is known for giv­ing back. Her phil­an­thropic ven­tures range from be­ing an ac­tive par­tic­i­pant of Earth Sav­iors Foun­da­tion, a non-gov­ern­men­tal old age home to con­duct­ing plan­ta­tion drives all over Gur­gaon for the Art of Liv­ing. Of­ten peo­ple can’t la­bel this mul­ti­fac­eted woman who goes out of her way to make life eas­ier for those in need but is un­likely to budge pro­fes­sion­ally. She is known for her strict stan­dards in cus­tom clear­ance and she only de­mands one thing, per­fec­tion. Although she is known to break most of the rules in busi­ness, her one rule has stood the test of time. “If the cus­tomer is not happy, I don’t charge them,” She says proudly. Known in the trade as a fierce com­pe­ti­tion with a rep­u­ta­tion to boast, she isn’t one to mince words. “I don’t be­lieve in com­pe­ti­tion, there is enough sun for any­one want­ing to shine.” She said, as she heads out of the of­fice mak­ing her way home. Although she is given quite a few ad­jec­tives pro­fes­sion­ally, she doesn't like blur­ring the lines and at home, she is just a mother. “My pro­fes­sional isn’t what keeps me go­ing, my chil­dren do. They are the rea­son I do, what I do. My daugh­ter is in the US and I know how hard it is to be away from your loved ones. I want to do every­thing in my power to bridge that dis­tance and that is what all my com­pa­nies do, they cre­ate a link that con­nects the world.” She said. All her com­pa­nies func­tion to re­duce the ge­o­graph­i­cal dis­tance ei­ther by sea, land or air, so it isn’t as hard as it was ear­lier to have what­ever you want, wher­ever you want. She added on, “I want to make the world a smaller place and no mat­ter which coun­try the buyer is in or where the ex­porter is lo­cated, I have cre­ated a space for them to send and re­ceive com­modi­ties.” Now, this might not be any­thing out of the or­di­nary but here comes the catch, “Our ex­per­tise is what sets us apart, we do all this in half the time be­cause of how well con­nected we are.” As a sin­gle mother of two, all

her time away from work is spent with her chil­dren. She makes it a point to in­clude spir­i­tu­al­ity in all facets of her life and her ideal day starts and ends with Kriya and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. Both her chil­dren are equally in­volved in The Art of Liv­ing and she makes it a point to in­clude giv­ing back and vol­un­teer­ing as part of fam­ily time to­gether. She con­sid­ers her spir­i­tu­al­ity as an out­let to blow of some steam and main­tain her san­ity in the pro­fes­sional sphere. With over 200 con­tain­ers shipped by sea and 600 tons of air cargo shipped each year, her firm hold on each facet of in­ter­na­tional trade is as­ton­ish­ing. With spe­cial­ized agents all over the world at her beck and call, she pri­or­i­ties timely de­liv­ery and per­son­al­ized at­ten­tion over quan­tity. “We have had to refuse work in the past be­cause by tak­ing on new cus­tomers, I didn’t want my cur­rent cus­tomers to take a back seat. Peo­ple I have worked with for years en­joy a cer­tain ad­van­tage and I can only en­sure ex­cel­lence by not com­pro­mis­ing on the time and ef­fort I put in each con­sign­ment.” She said.

Ms. Chawla takes great pride in the com­pany’s loy­alty to­wards long stand­ing cus­tomers and takes feed­back very se­ri­ously. “We con­duct an­nual re­views and each ship­ment goes through strict scru­tiny. We keep up with our cus­tomers and our poli­cies aren’t stag­nant, we are al­ways im­pro­vis­ing and im­prov­ing our meth­ods.” Her motto is simple “ful­fill each re­quire­ment of our wide­spread clien­tele within the short­est time lead.”. And her grilling work ethic has led her to bag the cov­ered Woman En­tre­pre­neur of The Year Award twice and just last year, she was awarded the ‘Best One Stop So­lu­tion in Lo­gis­tics’. With a ded­i­cated team of highly skilled work­ers, you would think fi­nally she would take a break. But Ms. Chawla isn’t much for rest­ing on her lau­rels and her team knows that un­der her lead­er­ship, good isn’t a com­pli­ment, it’s a fuel to reach the best. She isn’t re­tir­ing any­time soon and “buy­ing a char­tered cargo plane by the year 2020,” is one of the many projects that she is work­ing on. Although sim­plic­ity and mod­esty are her trade­mark but her com­pany’s an­nual re­port would agree that buy­ing a char­tered plane wouldn’t be hard at all. All of Ms. Chawla’s three com­pa­nies are strate­gi­cally cre­ated, although all of them sup­port each other or­gan­i­cally, they also have a sep­a­rate clien­tele they cater to ex­clu­sively. The first com­pany she started, On­line Car­gois an au­tho­rized Cus­tom Housed Agency that pro­vides ser­vices re­lated to cus­tom clear­ance and in­ter­na­tional pack­ag­ing and mov­ing. Jo­har En­ter­prises pro­vides

freight for­ward­ing and cus­tom clear­ance ser­vices for ex­port and im­port cargo by air. OLC Ship­ping Pvt. Ltd., the lat­est of her ven­tures is fo­cused on strength­en­ing ex­port and im­port via sea ports and the con­tacts she made dur­ing her ca­reer prior to start­ing this com­pany has made this ven­ture a de­light­ful vic­tory and paved the way for fu­ture growth and ex­pan­sion. “My pur­pose be­hind ex­pand­ing our base and in­tro­duc­ing OLC Ship­ping was to ful­fill a de­mand my long­stand­ing cus­tomers had. They wanted us to be the only one han­dling their cargo and with cus­tomers al­ready lined up, it wasn’t an op­tion to not pro­vide th­ese ser­vices too.” Ms. Chawla is very par­tic­u­lar about mak­ing sure her cus­tomers don’t need to con­tact any­one once they’ve con­tacted her. “Out of all my ven­tures in the past, this has been an on-re­quest ser­vice we started to en­sure cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion and I was sur­prised that it picked up so well. I emailed all my clients the day I started it and soon, with­out any ad­ver­tise­ment or mar­ket­ing strat­egy, this be­came a busi­ness of its own.” She cred­its her suc­cess for her lat­est baby to word of mouth and a gift her cus­tomers al­lowed her to en­joy. Had it not been for her fiercely loyal army of pa­trons, she wouldn’t soon list OLC Ship­ping Pvt. Ltd. as one of her ma­jor source of rev­enue nor would she be awarded ‘ One Stop Trans­par­ent So­lu­tion for Lo­gis­tics’, for the year 2016. Her ex­cep­tional track record and un­matched con­sis­tent cus­tomer feed­back also has earned her the nom­i­na­tion for ‘Woman En­tre­pre­neur of the Year 2017’. Her con­stant suc­cess is any­thing but fluke and one look at her to-do list would tell you how strate­gic, savvy and sharp she re­ally is. Her vic­tory this year would mark fourth award in a row and here is wish­ing her all the luck.

Bharti Chawla, Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, Jo­har En­ter­prises was con­ferred upon from Dr. Deepak Jain, Hony. Con­sul. Gen­eral Tu­valu (The Pa­cific Is­land Coun­try)

Plan­ta­tion Drive at Gu­ru­gram

Plan­ta­tion Drive at Gu­ru­gram

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Bharti Chawla, Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor

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