A tour of Porsche Ex­clu­sive Man­u­fak­tur

Porsche has launched the limited edi­tion 911 Turbo S Ex­clu­sive Se­ries. Ri­aan Ja­cob Ge­orge gives an in­sider’s tour of Porsche Ex­clu­sive Man­u­fak­tur and the model that is cus­tomised here

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From the Porsche 356/1 Road­ster to the Porsche Ma­can, this brand has been a cov­eted one, at least for the car en­thu­si­asts. And for some­body who knows the brand, there is no bet­ter place than =uͿen­hausen, a dis­trict of 6tut­tJart in *er­many, to learn all about it in de­tail. After all, it is the home of this *er­man lu[ury car­maker. Porsche·s pre­dom­i­nance over =uͿen­hausen is seen all over, from the swanky mod­els parked around ev­ery sec­ond cor­ner to blocks of build­inJs hous­inJ Porsche o΀ces.

6tranJely enouJh, the Porsche ([clu­sive Man­u­fak­tur build­inJ ³ my rea­son for beinJ in this dis­trict ³ is not as con­spic­u­ous. , walk down the busy 6chwieberdinJer, and turn left into a nar­row lane. ,t takes me a wvohnilGeoethe’s to spot its ´blink and you miss itµ Jate. As in­con­spic­u­ous as its en­trance is, PorscSheenck­en­berg ([clu­sive Man­u­fak­tur is a re­mark­ableHisp­toaryce.

,t is ded­i­cated to the art of cus­tomis­ing Porsche ve­hi­cles and push­ing e[cel­lence in terms of de­sign. This ate­lier of sorts goes back to Porsche’s three decade old tra­di­tion of cus­tomis­ing in­di­vid­ual pieces. The re­cently re­leased limited edi­tion 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries is a case in point. +ere, at the Man­u­fak­tur, as , dis­cover, each of the 5 mod­els of this se­ries are hand Ànished and en­hanced.

, walk around the space, which features a long wall of pho­to­graphs de­pict­ing the her­itage of Porsche and the his­toric evo­lu­tion of the brand. ,n one cor­ner, , spot a clas­sic model, in yet an­other cor­ner , spot the un­mis­tak­able yel­low gold 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries, parked for all to ad­mire. A leather spe­cial­ist toils over the Ànish of a steer­ing wheel by adding golden stitches. (very­thing , see around me boils down to one thing ³ at­ten­tion to de­tail and crafts­man­ship.

To set the conte[t, , am told by the in house spe­cial­ists that al­most half of all 11s have been cus­tomised in this Man­u­fak­tur. (very Porsche cus­tomer that comes here is oͿered at least two eTuip­ment op­tions dur­ing the conÀgu­ra­tion process of their model.


, get chat­ting with %oris Apen­brink, di­rec­tor of cus­tomer cen­tre spe­cial ve­hi­cles at the Man­u­fak­tur who tells me that this space “re­sults from count­less reTuests from cus­tomers, who want to per­son­alise their Porsche ve­hi­cles. At the end of the day, we take into ac­count what our clients want. :ith a car like the Porsche 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries, we are ca­ter­ing to true con­nois­seurs, who want to show oͿ the beauty of their ve­hi­cle and who con­sider the car to be a piece of art. +ere, we oͿer over 6 diͿer­ent cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions. )or in­stance, peo­ple come to us with reTuests for a spe­cial edi­tion for an an­niver­sary. 2r we even do small, num­bered se­ries like the cur­rent one >Porsche 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries@.µ The cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions can range from vis­ual eͿects and in­te­rior de­tails to tech­ni­cal el­e­ments like en­gine, drive and lighting to name a few. ,n ad­di­tion, cus­tomers can go on to choose leather, em­boss­ment, and stitch­ing colours amongst other el­e­ments.

“The idea is to show­case crafts­man­ship with tech­nol­ogy and in­no­va­tion,µ says Apen­brink. This idea mir­rors the phi­los­o­phy of Porsche’s founder )er­di­nand Porsche, when he set out to de­sign sports cars and race cars way back in 1 , with a team of

peo­ple. )er­di­nand Porsche was in­stru­men­tal in the de­sign of the 9olk­swa­gen %ee­tle, while his son was re­spon­si­ble for de­sign­ing the com­pany’s Àrst sports car, the 356 in 1 . (ven to­day, this tra­di­tion of in­no­va­tion and as­sid­u­ous at­ten­tion to de­tail con­tin­ues.


This summer, in in­ter­na­tional motoring cir­cles, there was a lot of bu]] gen­er­ated around Porsche’s big un­veil at the *ood­wood )es­ti­val of 6peed 1 , in the 8.. The new 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries is a limited edi­tion of 5 pieces. And this is e[actly what , have come to the ([clu­sive Man­u­fak­tur to check out, which is a more lu[uri­ous coun­ter­part to its brand new 11 *T R6, also re­leased at *ood­wood in -uly.

The 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries, re­leased in a sig­na­ture golden metal­lic yel­low, is char­ac­terised by cer­tain key features in­clud­ing a power in­crease of hp and a de­sign that in­cor­po­rates light­weight ma­te­ri­als. That said, this model is also avail­able in Àve ad­di­tional colours on reTuest. A sig­na­ture fea­ture of this car is the golden yel­low dou­ble stripe look, de­signed to show­case the car­bon Àbre used in the struc­ture. An­other el­e­ment that sets this model apart from its coun­ter­parts is the newly con­ceived

inch wheels, with the same colour ref­er­ences as the en­tire car. These wheels are Àrst primed in the sig­na­ture gold yel­low and then Ànished in high gloss black.

The door en­try guards are Ànished in car­bon and bear an illuminated ([clu­sive 6eries let­ter­ing. The in­te­ri­ors of this coupp also fea­ture a highly reÀned de­sign with two layer black leather cov­ers, with e[Tuisite hand Ànished trims, en­hanced by gold metal thread that reÁect the e[teri­ors. This sense of de­tail­ing is also seen in the in­stru­ment clus­ter or dash­board, which features white point­ers and the gold yel­low de­sign el­e­ment within the dial.

,n terms of en­gine and power, this model comes packed with a 3. litre, si[ cylin­der en­gine, pro­vid­ing 6 hp. ,t can go from to 1 kmph in . sec­onds and to kmph in .6 sec­onds, at­tain­ing a top speed of 33 kmph. This model also features two “Porsche ([clu­sive Man­u­fak­turµ plaTues on the front wings.


To com­plete the in­dul­gence of this limited edi­tion model, Porsche 'es­ign has re­leased a limited edi­tion time­piece that cor­re­sponds to the 11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive 6eries. This chrono­graph, only 5 of which have been pro­duced, can be pro­cured only by

own­ers of this par­tic­u­lar model and is conÀgured in the same de­sign aes­thetic as the car, crafted from the same ma­te­rial. Rolf %ergmann, the man­ager at Porsche 'es­ign Time­pieces A* e[plains, “The watch’s hous­ing is made of light­weight ti­ta­nium and has a black ti­ta­nium car­bide coat­ing. The dial is in car­bon and reÁects the stripes on the car and the ro­tor de­sign is modelled on the rims of the car.µ ,f you’re into the whole lifestyle el­e­ment of Porsche, don’t for­get to check out Porsche 'es­ign’s range of lug­gage, also found here it matches the car and is si]ed to Àt into the lug­gage com­part­ment of the

11 Turbo 6 ([clu­sive. +ere too, the vis­ual el­e­ments of the car are eͿort­lessly trans­lated into the lug­gage, sym­bol­is­ing a whole lifestyle of lu[ury, speed and el­e­gance.

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