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POST JURICA What are your pet peeves or griev­ances with order­ing room ser­vice? I’m talk­ing about things like your calls to room ser­vice not be­ing an­swered or line be­ing busy, be­ing put on long holds, per­son on the other end not be­ing able to an­swer your ques­tions about the menu or not speak­ing English well enough, that sort of thing. Did any of that hap­pen to you?

Full dis­clo­sure: I’m part of a team work­ing on a so­lu­tion to or­der room ser­vice via the In­ter­net and

I am look­ing for ways to im­prove the process.


Be­ing put through to some­one at room ser­vice who speaks al­most no English from the front desk sta‹ who speak good English (big in­ter­na­tional chains).

Al­most al­ways 15-20 min­utes later than said.

Worst of all, the food is al­most al­ways cold! If I re­ally have to use room ser­vice now I go for sal­ads.


My pet peeves for room ser­vice are [1] sta‹ not clear­ing the tray away till the next morn­ing – I’ve found them still out­side my room in the morn­ing from the night be­fore. [2] Blan­ket ‘tray charge’ even for one cup of co‹ee.

Most of­ten, the food has ar­rived warm enough: that’s not a prob­lem with me.

Jurica, thanks for your “Full dis­clo­sure”, that is open and hon­est of you and makes me want to re­ply/ help.


I try to avoid room ser­vice be­cause the food takes an age to ar­rive, up to an hour some­times, and is so of­ten cold by the time it gets to the room. Send­ing it back means another wait for some­one to col­lect it be­fore they will pre­pare a fresh one which then usu­ally ar­rives luke­warm.

The ex­tra charge so of­ten levied is also galling, and if its is for a snack it puts me o‹ order­ing it al­to­gether.

As also men­tioned, de­spite call­ing to say I’ve fin­ished and putting the tray/trol­ley out­side, it’s usu­ally there the next morn­ing along with all the other trays left out­side other rooms.

In fair­ness, top end ho­tel brands such as Re­lais & Châteaux and The Lead­ing Ho­tels of the World tend to get it right and are very quick in re­mov­ing the trays.

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