Car­golux – Oman Air: 2nd freighter flight to Chennai

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A sec­ond weekly freighter flight was ini­ti­ated to Chennai by Car­golux in part­ner­ship with Oman Air from Au­gust 11, 2015. The part­ner­ship inked in April 2015 be­tween Oman Air and Car­golux en­ables both to jointly ac­cess new freighter des­ti­na­tions and con­trib­ute to the lo­gis­tics fa­cil­i­ties of Oman. Two full freighter flights from Chennai to Mus­cat would be op­er­ated by both Oman Air and Car­golux. This en­ables the former to strengthen its pres­ence in the In­dian mar­ket by ac­cess­ing the in­dus­trial belts of South In­dia and the lat­ter to use Oman Air’s ex­pe­ri­ence of fly­ing to a range of global des­ti­na­tions, in­clud­ing 11 in In­dia.

Ev­ery busi­ness es­tab­lish­ment is aimed at pro­vid­ing qual­ity, timely and ef­fec­tive prod­ucts or ser­vices to their cus­tomers as a means of re­tain­ing them and open­ing more cus­tomer doors. Busi­ness lo­gis­tics is very im­por­tant in busi­ness for it ac­tu­ally leads to the ul­ti­mate con­sum­ma­tion of the sales con­tract. Lo­gis­ti­cal sup­port en­ables the ac­tual move­ment, de­liv­ery and trans­porta­tion of goods or ser­vices from a seller to a buyer.

By ini­ti­at­ing ‘Make in In­dia’ cam­paign, we are ba­si­cally invit­ing for­eign man­u­fac­tur­ers to pro­duce in In­dia. How­ever, it can only suc­ceed if ef­fi­cient lo­gis­tics is made af­ford­able. If firms. Lo­gis­tics at a global stage is very cru­cial in glob­al­i­sa­tion. Very many busi­nesses are in­volved in multi­na­tional trade, hence the ne­ces­sity of well laid out co­or­di­na­tion of the ship­ment of goods has in­creased. Ef­fi­cient lo­gis­tic sys­tems through­out the world economies are the ba­sis for trade.

While draft­ing such a plan, it is im­por­tant to keep in mind all the pos­si­ble present and the fu­ture sce­nar­ios. A lo­gis­tic man­ager needs to have the ca­pa­bil­ity to care­fully plan, an­a­lyse and im­ple­ment fore­casts to a con­sid­er­ate ex­tent on be­half of a firm. The plan he or she drafts should be or­gan­ised such that ev­ery em­ployee knows their du­ties, re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and roles. Co­or­di­na­tion and un­der­stand­ing be­tween all the de­part­ments will en­able the re­al­i­sa­tion of the goals of such a plan.

Lo­gis­tics plan­ning too is an im­por­tant part of busi­ness nowa­days. How quickly and re­li­ably goods are de­liv­ered to cus­tomers can mean the dif­fer­ence be­tween re­tain­ing your cus­tomers and los­ing them. A great deal of busi­ness lo­gis­tics comes un­der the head­ing of mar­ket­ing and specif­i­cally, dis­tri­bu­tion. The plan­ning phase is the most im­por­tant fol­lowed by good im­ple­men­ta­tion of a lo­gis­tics plan. It is not only the speed of de­liv­ery that mat­ters, but also the prod­uct qual­ity and cus­tomer ser­vice.

A buyer is al­ways con­cerned with the ac­tual de­liv­ery of goods or ser­vices as per the agreed sales con­tract. He or she is not in­ter­ested with the prom­ises of a seller about their ca­pa­bil­ity to sup­ply the same; it is as­sumed. De­liv­ery of goods or ser­vices to a buyer ac­cord­ing to the sales agree­ment is im­por­tant so as to avoid le­gal tus­sles that may arise as a re­sult of de­lays or failed con­tracts. Timely de­liv­er­ies and hon­our­ing con­tracts is es­sen­tial in main­tain­ing your clients and ob­tain­ing re­peated or­ders.

Ef­fec­tive lo­gis­ti­cal sys­tems con­trib­ute heav­ily to the achieve­ments of the firm and its mar­ket­ing ob­jec­tives. It is very es­sen­tial in cre­at­ing place and time util­i­ties in the prod­ucts in or­der to max­imise cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion. A quick and timely de­liv­ery in min­i­mum time and cost re­lieves the cus­tomer of ex­cess in­ven­to­ries and sub­se­quently brings down the cost of car­ry­ing in­ven­tory, trans­porta­tion and ma­te­rial han­dling. This im­proves cus­tomer ser­vice and re­duces costs.

In a nut­shell, ‘Make in In­dia’ cam­paign is not a far dream if the so­lu­tion to the ob­sta­cles are an­swered or com­bat­ted ju­di­ciously by ef­fi­ciently de­vel­op­ing other means of trans­port. In­tro­duc­ing poli­cies per­tain­ing to the re­duc­tion of the cost of lo­gis­tics and by in­tro­duc­ing Goods and Ser­vice Tax (GST), which will re­duce the other taxes will also re­duce the lo­gis­tic costs in­volved.

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