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Ap­prox­i­mately eight months back, I had pur­chased an In­tex Aqua i5 HD mo­bile phone worth Rs 10,200 from Gay­Lord Smo­bile Shopy, Shirpur (Dhule, Ma­ha­rash­tra). Ever since I bought the phone, it has not been func­tion­ing prop­erly. Once, I had to change the com­plete dis­play and it cost me Rs 4,000. More­over, as there is no ser­vice cen­tre in Shirpur, the whole dis­play-change process of hand­ing over the phone to the dealer, it go­ing to work­shop and me go­ing back to re­ceive it, etc., took about a month. How­ever, the dilemma did not end there. Even the new screen started black­ing out within 5–6 days. I re­ported it to the dealer and he sug­gested that I get the dis­play changed again. With no op­tion left, I did the same and this took an­other 45 days. This time, the screen and the front body were re­placed and to my sur­prise, they changed my white phone to black, which was com­pletely un­ac­cept­able. How­ever, hav­ing no choice and with no standby phone in hand, I had to ac­cept the phone. On top of it all, the prob­lem in the phone still ex­ists. In fact it has be­come worse as the speaker sound is also not clear. The dealer paci­fied me and said that he would get all the is­sues fixed soon, and also that he would ap­proach the com­pany. How­ever, it has been over 10 days now, and there is as yet no word from the dealer or the com­pany. Prashant Udawant Please send a fi­nal no­tice to In­tex stat­ing if they are not giv­ing you a fi­nal so­lu­tion within a fixed time­frame, you will be forced to take them to the district consumer fo­rum for sup­ply­ing a de­fec­tive hand­set. They will be charged of de­fi­ciency in ser­vice and may have to pay heavy com­pen­sa­tion for the same. Ideally, they should act upon your re­quest within three days.

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