Crude Fi­bre Con­tent

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Fi­bre/Di­etary fi­bre is com­posed of sol­u­ble and in­sol­u­ble fi­bres. Crude fi­bre does not dis­solve in acid and al­kali treat­ment when tested in the lab­o­ra­tory. The treat­ment dis­solves all the sol­u­ble and some of the in­sol­u­ble fi­bres in food. As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, the crude­fi­bre con­tent should not be more than 2.0 per cent on dry ba­sis. Crude fi­bre in all the brands was found more than the pre­scribed limit. This is not de­sir­able for con­sumers. All man­u­fac­tur­ers of the tested brands were in­formed by email about the lab­o­ra­tory find­ings of crude fi­bre. Pep­sico In­dia (Quaker), Marico Ltd (Saf­fola), Kel­logg In­dia (Kel­logg’s), and Weik­field Foods (Eco val­ley) re­sponded and in­formed that their fac­tory re­sults showed be­low 2 per cent of crude fi­bre. Brand Quaker Saf­fola Eco Val­ley Patan­jali Kel­logg’s Ba­grry’s

Lead Con­tent

Re­sults, % 2.81 2.89 3.01 3.33 3.49 4.60 Quaker was found to have the min­i­mum per­cent­age of crude fi­bre; the max­i­mum was in Ba­grry’s.

As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, lead in oats shall not be more than 2.5 ppm (for ‘foods not spec­i­fied’ cat­e­gory). Lead con­tent was not de­tected in any of the brands. k. The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheap­est and costli­est brands. As per the unit price, Patan­jali and Eco Val­ley are

the cheap­est brands and Quaker is the costli­est.

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