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In ice creams, the milk fat adds rich­ness of flavour, con­trib­utes to a smooth tex­ture with creamy body and good melt­down, and adds lu­bri­ca­tion to the palate as it is con­sumed. Frozen desserts con­sist of veg­etable fat along with milk fat. Veg­etable fats are used ex­ten­sively as fat sources in frozen dessert and their use is per­mit­ted in frozen desserts.

As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, the value of milk fat in ice cream and to­tal fat in frozen dessert should not be less than 10 per cent. In case of medium-fat ice cream and medium-fat frozen dessert, it should be more than 2.5 per cent but less than 10 per cent.

Net weight of ice cream and frozen dessert should be a min­i­mum 525 gm per litre; for medium-fat frozen dessert it should be a min­i­mum 475 gm per litre.

To­tal Solids

To­tal solids of ice cream in­clude the milk solids and the added sugar. The re­quire­ments as per FSS Reg­u­la­tions are: a min­i­mum 36 per cent by weight for ice cream and frozen dessert, not less than 30 per cent for medium-fat ice cream and frozen dessert, and not less than 26 per cent for low-fat ice cream.


Sugar (su­crose) gives a nat­u­ral sweet taste and uni­form tex­ture to the prod­uct. Be­sides thick den­sity, it also en­hances the per­cep­tion of var­i­ous fruit flavours and acts as a preser­va­tive.

As per In­dian Stan­dards, su­crose con­tent of ice cream should not be more than 15 per cent by weight. For frozen dessert, no re­quire­ment of su­crose has been spec­i­fied in the na­tional stan­dards.

Wa­ter (Mois­ture)

In ice creams/frozen desserts, mois­ture and air are found in high per­cent­age and are a main in­gre­di­ent. Mois­ture is found in al­most ev­ery food prod­uct in some quan­tity, but its higher pres­ence can af­fect the shelf life of the prod­uct. There is no re­quire­ment for mois­ture in the na­tional stan­dards for ice creams/ frozen desserts.

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