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As per the In­dian Stan­dards, the con­tainer/ wrap­per/la­bel of ice cream shall be marked with the fol­low­ing par­tic­u­lars: a) Name and type of the prod­uct with proper pre­fix,

such as fruit, nut, choco­late b) Name and full ad­dress of man­u­fac­turer c) Batch or code num­ber d) Vol­ume in litre/millil­itre e) Veg­e­tar­ian mark f) Stor­age in­struc­tions g) MRP h) ‘ Best be­fore’ date i) Cus­tomer-care de­tails

List of In­gre­di­ents

List of in­gre­di­ents marked on prod­uct la­bel shows the high­est per­cent­age for wa­ter in both ice creams and frozen desserts.

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