Types of Ground­nut Oil

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Ground­nut oil is avail­able in the mar­ket in re­fined and fil­tered form. Gen­er­ally, oils are re­fined through var­i­ous pro­cesses via ex­pres­sion and sol­vent ex­trac­tion, etc. While Food Safety and Stan­dards Reg­u­la­tion, 2011, per­mits the ad­di­tion of an­tiox­i­dants in ground­nut oil, these shall be within the pre­scribed limit. Re­fined oil: This type of oil has been pu­ri­fied with chem­i­cals to re­move any sus­pended par­ti­cles, toxic sub­stances, flavour com­po­nents, colour and odour, thereby leav­ing be­hind clear and pure oil. Fil­tered oil: Ob­tained by the tra­di­tional cold-press­ing method, this is fil­tered once or twice to re­move sus­pended par­ti­cles. They are sim­ply fil­tered and bot­tled with no fur­ther pro­cess­ing. Un­re­fined or fil­tered oils re­tain the savoury flavour of the ground­nuts from which they are de­rived.

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