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So what’s your New Year res­o­lu­tion, then? Have you promised to visit the gym for more than just check­ing out hot guys? Will you be giv­ing up a bad habit, set­ting new money goals, (try­ing to) get along bet­ter with your boss, or re­sist­ing the se­duc­tive calls of a dou­ble-choco­late cake? Me? My res­o­lu­tion this year is to do as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. I must ad­mit that my orig­i­nal plan wasn’t to spend 2012 be­ing laid-back. My ini­tial res­o­lu­tion was one gi­ant to-do list with names of peo­ple to meet, mis­sions to ac­com­plish, and a gazil­lion tasks that should have been done last year. But then, I read about a grow­ing global trend called The Slow Move­ment, which tells us we re­ally need to stop liv­ing like a movie in fast-for­ward mode.

Many of us are con­stantly starved for time— we’re al­ways on the run, striv­ing to achieve goals, and com­pet­ing to be bet­ter and rise faster than oth­ers. And when we reach the fin­ish line, it’s of­ten to only find a new list of things wait­ing to be done. That’s plain ex­haust­ing! In­stead, says The Slow Move­ment, we need to stop pack­ing our day with a mil­lion things, turn that Black­berry off for a bit, and ba­si­cally just slow the heck down.

I was sold on the con­cept the mo­ment I learned about it. Do­ing fewer things means free­ing up more time, which I can spend on things I re­ally want to do—shop­ping, con­nect­ing with friends and fam­ily, trav­el­ling, shop­ping, watch­ing trashy tele­vi­sion, and shop­ping. And this com­bi­na­tion of tak­ing it easy and do­ing things you en­joy, is, ap­par­ently, the true se­cret to hap­pi­ness. Turns out, ‘Lazy’ isn’t such a dirty word af­ter all, and it’s go­ing to be my per­sonal catch­phrase through 2012!

Have a won­der­ful New Year,

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